Meet the Writers: GMac

It’s always nice to feel a sense of familiarity when reading someone’s work. So with this blog, I hope to give you a little bit more insight into the man behind the keys. Yes first and foremost, GMac is obviously a pseudonym and that is just a necessary bit of privacy. I’m going to be very open about a large variety of topics, on this blog, and also about my life and experiences. The usage of a pen name is just to hold back any unnecessary backlash into my career path. As much as I would love to become a blogger and live off of my writings, just like most everyone else, I need to make a living elsewhere.

Enough semantics, and into the nitty gritty. I’m just a simple sports fan that couldn’t turn down the opportunity to start a blog with his friends. Some may say we are a little late to the ballgame but for the sake of sticking with the sports metaphor let’s just say we got a little too drunk at the tailgate and couldn’t make it into the game before kickoff. Sports-wise my number one passion is football, I would call myself obsessed but the word doesn’t have a strong enough meaning. I’m the kind of psycho that while others doodle on paper when bored, I’m drawing up how to best attack the Run and Gun from a 4-2-5 defense. Hockey and baseball fall behind football, with all other sports bringing up the rear. I’m not saying I don’t watch or follow the other sports and leagues, but my main three sports are very time consuming and I dive very deep into my fandom. My teams are as follows, and in order of importance;

  1. New York Giants
  2. New Jersey Devils
  3. New York Yankees

As you will soon find, the other writers here at Boys Club are quite different from me when it comes to our teams. It leads to many arguments, but for the blog I think it’s good content and offers a wider variety of topics to cover.

Going forward, look for me to give my “State Of…” blogs where I’ll cover where I believe my teams stand at the moment, an array of alcohol related reviews and craft beer talk, general impressions and takes from the world of NFL/MLB/NHL, and quite a few other ideas I have cooking up.

With all that being said, let’s crack one and do this shit, welcome to Boys Club mucka-lucka.

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