Hello new reader, and welcome to The Boys Club. Now, I know what you’re thinking…Boys Club? This is going to be a misogynistic nightmare of a blog, that spews ignorant and uneducated takes. Well we may not be the smartest, we may not be the most well-informed, we may not be the best looking, but god damnit we are passionate towards the things we write about. This is not just a publicity stunt or an attempt to fish for clicks by posting hot takes. The people that will be writing in this blog are people who are looking to provide entertainment for their readers. Whether we are talking about sports, pop culture, or general lifestyle trends the goal of this blog is to give our readers an interesting¬† and unique take. Sure things may get heated in some posts, and rants may go off from time to time, but the content posted in Boys Club is at it’s core entertainment.

With all that being said, again welcome to the blog and stay tuned for more content as we get this machine rolling.

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