Is There Something I’m Missing About Nurses?

Just a random thought as the day winds down, and most of our degenerate minds begin to wander like a diabetic 8 year old through Willy Wonka’s candy wonderland. What memo did I miss about nurses? (Forewarning; sorry male nurses murses but these thoughts are strictly about our feminine counterparts) As a guy who has spent much time on college campuses, and scrolling through Instagram, I can’t help but notice the incredible number of extremely attractive women that are obviously going into or are in the nursing field. When the fuck did this happen? How did this phenomenon occur?

Now I know I’m not nearly good looking enough to receive the newsletters from the good looking people associations across America; hell Soft Sixes of the North East still have my application “under review”.  But there had to be a coalition of beautiful people who had to organize such a massive movement, didn’t there? Is there a pre-requisite for girls to enter the nursing field nowadays? The facts speak for themselves, honestly, and it’s pretty clear that there’s collusion afoot. 87.4% of girls in school right now to become nurses are hard 8s or higher. 64% of nurses currently employed also fall into the same parameters, and that number has been growing steadily at a rate of 5% growth per year over the last decade.

I bet I know what you’re thinking; GMac have you ever considered that you just have a thing for nurses? Let us see your browser history, there’s an easy explanation here..WRONG! I wouldn’t go through all the trouble of doing painstaking research if this wasn’t a clear fact in our society. Sadly, for guys like me, and probably you reading this right now, we will never be gratified with answers. Shit like this is way above our heads, and I mean that literally. Our faces are just not pleasing to other’s eyes enough for us to learn the truth. Regardless, I’m content knowing that the next time I binge drink myself into the hospital to have my stomach pumped there is a strong chance a certified smokeshow will be there to save my pitiful ass from a whiskey slumber.

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