Meet the Writers: AD

Just like GMac, AD is not my real name. I for sure don’t want my employer or family reading this blog because I will most certainly be talking shit about them.

Since that is out of the way, I’ll be up front with you and tell you I’m not a very smart man. Most of my blogs will be riddled with errors and probably not make sense. You’ve been warned.

To give a little background on myself I’m just a red blooded blue collared American who drinks only the finest beer (Busch). I’m a father of 2 girls (one of the reason I drink) and I’m a huge Mets and Jets fan (more on that later). I’ve been told a time or two I have a very dark sense of humor and very cynical (most likely from being a Mets and Jets fan).

My blogs are going to be geared towards the misery and occasional joy of parenthood and living life as Mets and Jets fan. So I hope you enjoy


(Posted by GMac because he really isn’t kidding, he is not the smartest and I’m going to be teaching him to blog on his own)

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