Meet the Writers: Lando

Unlike my counterparts, I’m avoiding a true pseudonym. I’ll be publishing all my thoughts under my nickname for as long as I can remember, Lando. If you can figure out who I am from that, then God bless you, you silly bitch.

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Like AD, I’m a tortured Jets/Mets fan. To say that it sucks would be putting it lightly. I like to describe it to close family and friends (ie. People who actually win occasionally) as being stuck in sports purgatory. Not quite good enough to fully rebuild (or willing to put in the money; here’s a BIG OL’ FUCK YOU to the Wilpons), but definitely not anywhere good enough to win anything of value.

So what should you expect from me? Middling blogs chronicling my potential suicide with each and every mind-numbing Jet’s loss. A man screaming at a wall to get the Mets to actually invest in their team. Probably a few lifestyle blogs that you’ve already seen on bigger and more popular sites (looking at you, Barstool.) Hell, maybe I’ll lighten the mood and just put some puppy pictures up.

Just remember though, any time you read one of my blogs, and it kind of sucks, it could always be worse. It could be one of GMac’s, and we’re all thankful for that.

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