Meet the Writers: T

Hello all readers of the outside world. Similarly to my counterpart, Lando, I will be using a lifelong nickname on here, as I’m not incredibly concerned about hiding my identity and plan to pursue a future in Sports Media. Unlike my counterparts though, I am not a miserable sports fan. My sports teams consist of the Boston Red Sox, Dallas Cowboys, the reds of Liverpool, along with medial followings of the New Jersey Devils and the Boston Celtics. Just because I have a love for some winning teams, does not mean I don’t become a pessimistic piece of shit, especially in relation to the Cowboys. I’ll dive deeper into exactly why I selected my love for the teams listed in other posts.

While other kids were watching cartoons, I was watching ESPN on loop. Every morning before school was the 6 A.M. edition of Sportscenter and every day after school, P.T.I and Around the Horn followed by playing whatever sport, usually baseball, and finishing the night with whatever game was on TV that night. Sports have been my biggest passion for as long as I can remember.

My bio mentions a following of MMA and WWE. I have been a wrestling fan since I was 4, and despite a slow decline in interest, I still watch every PPV and occasionally turn on RAW or Smackdown. The occasional post will come when my heart is reminded of my love for wrestling. MMA on the other hand, has become something I have grown more and more passionate about the older I have gotten. Anticipate blog posts before PPV’s and following PPV’s, unless I was wrong about the outcome, then you may not hear from me for a few days. Just kidding, I’ll own up to being wrong, occasionally… If I was right though, you better bet I’m going to let you know. Just ask Lando.

You’ll notice that in comparison, my posts will lean more on the serious side with the occasional shitty joke thrown in. That’s because I’m not as clever and sarcastic as my counterparts. I think that dwells from Lando and AD’s years of miserable fandom and GMac’s years of alcoholism.

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