Meet the Writers: Dickey

Dickey here, just a little information about myself before we dive deep into my thoughts (which are genius btw).

I will not be using my real name because unlike another author, my career path wont change, I will be sharing some awesome view points that not everyone will agree with and I would like to keep my very few friends that I do have. So for starters, I am a father, big sports fan, interested in politics, but will mainly be covering the Mets, Jets, tailgating, fatherhood, and main topics/ controversial topics in sports and life.

So like I mentioned before, I am a father who tries to be the best friend to my sons because they are cool as hell. So currently in my house there is my wife living with 3 bros. Now apparently that is wrong and I am supposed to be a father figure when it comes to punishing my kids but I choose to leave that to her, because there is no sense in them being mad at both of us.

I am a huge Jets fan unfortunately, they are my ride or die. I have been through some ups and many downs with them but there is nothing like cheering for the underdog, even if it means being disappointed at least 12 times a year.

Same goes as a Mets fan, the most common phrase that we have is “next year is it! It will be our year.” It never really is but it gives me something to look forward to. There is something to say about my teams when there is the saying M-E-T-S must end the season, or J-E-T-S just end the season.

As you will see throughout my posts my life is deeply run by the outcome of all my sports teams. Bad enough my wife made me cancel our T.V. package because she was tired of buying new remotes and that it was my fault for picking shitty teams.

So with that being said I will save it for my next post as we dive into my deep and dearest thoughts.


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