Elon Musk Should Probably Stop Tweeting

I’ll lead right off with this. I’m not the smartest guy in the world. I don’t think my calling is to make an incredible scientific discovery or cure a debilitating disease. I’m super secure with that fact (mainly because my counterparts here are a bunch of fucking idiots.) I’ve long stated that I think people generally fall into two camps; ‘book smarts’ and ‘street smarts.’ I know which camp I belong to overall, which I think is more useful for day to day interactions. Generally, I think that book smarts people end up causing themselves more harm than good in most situations.

This brings me to Elon Musk. Dude is a straight genius. He’s clearly way smarter than most, and he makes no effort to hide that fact. He speaks brashly and pretentiously to any that will listen, including his 22 million plus followers on Twitter. This brashness really might end up fucking him down the line though, as he’s now being sued by a Thai diver who was involved in the saving of the boys’ soccer team that were trapped in a cave and subsequently rescued in early July.

To give a quick recap, here’s the rundown on what went down. The boys’ team was trapped in the cave facing a damn near impossible escape. A ton of assistance was offered as they were facing a time crunch to get them to safety. Elon Musk decided to insert himself into the situation and propose a submarine to do the rescue. He built the sub with his team which was essentially laughed at by the rescue crews due to the very very low probability of it working. The diver who provided the sharpest critique was Vernon Unsworth. Musk then took to Twitter to call Unsworth a ‘pedo’ and a ‘child rapist.’ YIKES. Not good. Especially when it has no apparent validity. Unsworth is now suing Musk after he apologized for the comments, and then subsequently doubled down on them.

I tell all this to finally get to my two points. One is direct, and the other is more kind of a long form complaint. First and foremost, Elon Musk should just shut up and do what he does best. He’s so fucking smart, and clearly a mind well above most. Do your thing and make the world a better place. Stop trying to be the hipster genius. There’s a reason you got to where you were, and it wasn’t through being cheeky and ironic in under 180 characters. Stop telling people you’re making stupid unnecessary shit too. If you’re gonna make a flamethrower then fucking make it happen. Light some shit on fire. If you’re gonna do it as a PR stunt for the Boring Company (put a fucking bullet in my head with that stupid name) then just steer clear.

The second point is this. Shut the fuck up in general. So many people get so offended by other people disagreeing with them. The world is so full of crybabies who can’t stand to hear anyone say anything negative about their ideas. If Musk would have had some thicker skin and just kept it business, and kept it moving, he wouldn’t be finding himself in this legal situation. Instead, he got deep in his feelings and said a bunch of unwarranted shit just because someone didn’t like his idea. Egos are a wild thing.

All in all, it won’t matter. Musk has got more money than God and this dude’s gonna get a sweet payday with a side of a battered reputation. I don’t think he’s gonna change his way because some two-bit blog with 5 readers says he’s gotta toughen up. But, it doesn’t make me any less wrong.

PS. Tesla’s are fucking stupid. Long live gas cars.

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