Is Fitzmagic the Greatest Magician of All Time?

Raise your hand if you had the Tampa Bay Bucs undefeated through two weeks. Now keep your hand raised if you had them doing so without their starting QB. Now keep your hand up if their back up QB would suddenly appear to be a bulked up Conor McGregor in his post-game press conference and launch himself into a sex symbol.

Not seeing a lot of hands. Where the FOOK did this come from?!

As of late, Fitzpatrick has been slinging it all over some solid NFL defenses and carving them up like nobodies business. It’s definitely been a wild ride for Fitzpatrick as he has bounced around from franchise to franchise beginning as a backup and working his way into the starting gig. From there he shows intense upside and hope, only to quickly burn out and fade away. For a guy who’s career has lacked consistency, his pattern of consistency franchise to franchise has been pretty remarkable.

(Thanks UPROXX for the graphic. I don’t know if I have to do that, but I sure as shit can’t afford to get sued.)

What’s going to be interesting is what happens when the (ALLEGED) serial thief, molester, overall great guy, Jameis Winston makes his triumphant return from harassing Uber drivers (ALLEGEDLY.) If Fitz keeps up this wild pace, there’s absolutely no way they’ll turn the reins back over to Jameis, right? Right now he’s torched some solid secondaries and is showing to be a true team leader. I feel like any competent franchise would recognize that right now you have to ride out the hot hand and see where it takes you, even if that means sitting a former number one pick on the bench. Then again, this is the Bucs, who are pretty much the Jets of the South East.

The other side of the coin, however, is that once Fitz inevitably starts his downward spiral, would it be a sunk cost to turn it back over to Jameis? Are they better off just biting the bullet and riding the theoretical ‘steadier’ hand?

In a word, no. You always ride the hot hand, and you make people earn their jobs. Fitz has done it here. He’s done his best magic act of his career. He’s fooled another franchise into thinking he can be their savior. That is until he pulls the final stunt of the trick, where all his talent just disappears.


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