Parenting is just the absolute worst

So before I had my kids I like to think I was a fun guy. My Sunday’s would be filled with playing football in the morning to going straight to the bar before the 1pm kick off and stay until the Sunday night game was over. Now that I have kids it’s filled with kids parties and other bullshit that distract me from watching football. This just doesn’t happen on Sunday’s. This is an everyday thing. I get home from a long day at work plop my fat ass onto my recliner to decompress and relax for 5 god damn minutes and as soon as my ass hits the leather the 4 year old is asking for juice or a snack and the baby is grabbing the older ones toys which leads to the older one yelling and ripping the toys out of her hands, resulting in a screaming baby. I have never been so jealous of deaf people. I will gladly jab pencils in my ears if it means I can get some god damn silence. Dickey is going to learn very soon ,when his baby is a little bit older, why I’m dead on the inside. If you don’t believe me go to any park or playground and just look for the father who is hiding in the corner staring at the ground. I can pick fathers of multiple kids out of crowd of 1000 because we all have that dead look in our eyes. Any father who tells you different is a fucking liar. Back to my original point if you don’t have kids yet go get yourself a vasectomy, because raising children is the absolute and I repeat ABSOLUTE WORST

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