State of the Giants: Two Weeks Down

I’ve tried sitting on this post, mainly so that I would have a clear head going into it. I like to think of myself of a realist when it comes to my sports teams, seeing the situation as it truly is and not letting my obsession overtake my logic. The Giants are my number one team, so it is extremely hard to keep this mindset, and attempt to put my emotions aside. With all that being said, I’m about to rant my fucking balls off.


The game against Dallas on Sunday night was a fucking joke, and a shitty joke at that. The Giants fans that were going into this season claiming we were Superbowl bound disgusted me, and part of me is happy to see the team shit the bed like this to shut those optimistic douchebags up. This team is not Superbowl bound, this is a MAYBE .500 caliber team.

Let’s look at everything to do with the franchise, as this is how I will be delivering my State Of addresses;


The Giants haven’t had a good offense since ’08 when Jacobs and Ward each rushed for over 1000 yards. People will argue that I’m insane and point to the obvious counterpunch in Odell Beckham Jr. Okay, fair point, but since the addition of Beckham what have the Giants accomplished? Have they been a top-tier offense? Has the play of Beckham elevated the rest of the team around him? The answer is simple, yes Odell Beckham is a generational talent and could be argued as the number one receiver in the league; but he does not automatically make the offense better. The offensive line has been below average to completely abysmal since the 2007 Superbowl, I’ll address the reasoning behind that later. There has not been a consistent playmaker apart from OBJ, but to be fair Saquon Barkley is showing promise. The skill positions have all been a rotating door of barely recognized names who have largely underwhelmed. This season is no different, regardless of what other fans would have you believe. The receiving corps is Beckham, the inconsistent Shepard, the no-hands “mismatch nightmare” Engram, and then a severe drop off to a bunch of scrubs. The offensive line is bookended by the aging and regressing Nate Solder and Ereck Flowers who I guarantee I could get 6 or 7 sacks on him with 10 chances to rush. Halapio just went down for the year, so our mediocre Center depth has now dipped down to fucking putrid. Honestly, my only bright spot on the line is rookie G Will Hernandez, while his counterpart Patrick Omameh has been more of the same “bleh” play I’ve seen for almost a decade. Hernandez isn’t even that great right now, and I’m worried his progression could be stunted by the lack of success around him.

Finally, the biggest point of contention…Eli Manning. Most Giants fans are split on their Manning opinions, you either love or hate the goofy bastard and for good reason. Eli is an aloof gunslinger who’s career is running on fumes. In his football twilight he most certainly does not have the same juice that he showcased, although inconsistently, when he was younger. Plain fact, Eli is not Peyton and I feel like he has been judged harshly due to his last name during his whole career. The truth of it is Eli is not going to win this team and games this year. Am I saying the Giants are fucked and going winless?! No, stop that, don’t put words in my mouth asshole. What I mean is that Eli is not the caliber of QB that will be able to put the team on his back and sling the rock to victory. He needs his supporting cast to step up and make the plays when necessary, but sadly this group will not do that the majority of the time. His only saving grace is the explosivity of Odell Beckham Jr, and possibly Saquon, but there’s only so far that will bring the team. The OLine just isn’t good enough to give Eli the time to be semi-successful. Sad ending on the way for the potential Hall of Famer (future blog on that coming).


A lot of what I said for the offense can be said for the defense, this is just not a very talented group. I LOVED the James Bettcher hire as DC, I think he will get the most out of this group though his aggressiveness does scare me into worrying about big plays. Eerily, there’s one stud on this side of the ball in Landon Collins and then a severe dropoff in talent. Sure there are names you could throw at me; Jenkins, Harrison, Olgetree, Barwin, but these are all regressing players who are far from their respective prime. The depth across the board is staggering, but especially so in the secondary outside of Collins. A lot of the problems on defense are caused by my next topic so let’s jump into there shall we?

Front Office:

I’d suck the person’s dick (or clit, let’s not throw assumptions out there) who convinced John Mara to fire Jerry Reese. Most of the depth problems for this team are a direct result of horrible drafting by the former GM, and a complete disregard for some position groups. What Reese had against drafting or signing offensive lineman, linebackers, or corners is beyond me but the shitty play of those position groups now is largely due to his inadequacy. The new regime, championed by GM Dave Gettleman, has taken some strides to fixing the problems left by Reese but such change doesn’t occur over night. Things aren’t all rainbows and unicorn boners though, this new leadership is not without their own faults. The fact that they allowed this team to enter the regular season with a dipshit like Ereck Flowers starting is insane. There is no way the guy should still be in the league, not just relegated to Right Tackle and left alone. He has been a liability to the team since his rookie year, and how nothing was done to address his starting job is ridiculous. I don’t care if they had to bring in 50 offensive lineman for workouts, there needed to be more competition. The lack of competition, and I mean real competition like guys actually pushing the starters for their jobs, across the board was a shame. The roster is definitely improved over last year, but to the extent that it truly could have been? I doubt that very much.


Last, but most certainly not least, the coaching aspect to this team. A mentally handicapped sea otter would have been an upgrade over Ben McAdoo, someone who I was against hiring even as an OC after the Kevin Gilbride debacle. Pat Shurmur knows how to run an offense, that much is clear, and I have no qualms about his playcalling thus far. It’s hard to judge Shurmur because he is playing everything close to the vest, an obvious attempt to not make everyone hate him like they did McAdoo. Although he was not my choice, I was pulling for Matt Patricia to be the next HC, Shurmur has done nothing to make me think he won’t be a solid coach. He has a very Tom Coughlin like aura, in my opinion, and that is something I definitely would not turn away…again.

So, there we have it. My thoughts on the State of the Giants, after just two short weeks. Am I a bit negative, yeah sure but I’d say it’s absolutely warranted after the two previous games and the seasons beforehand. This is not me saying that I believe this season is over and there is no hope, but it looks fucking bleak to be honest. I’ll dive back in with another State Of address in a few weeks, hopefully with some happier takes. In the meantime, let’s all go back to the lead picture and enjoy the Eli Manning doof face while he’s still around to deliver it to us.

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