It’s 2018. Put your damn phone on vibrate

I remember a time when the cool thing was to have a different ringtone for each person in your contacts….. Not anymore. There is nothing more annoying than being somewhere quiet and some moron’s phone going off with their ringer on full blast.

You can feel the mood in the room change as the younger generation sits back and thinks, is this person fucking serious? The beeping, the chimes, the fucking water droplets dig deep into my ringtone hating pores. The older generation are ALWAYS the most guilty of this. Doctors offices, movie theaters, fucking funerals. It does not matter, you can always count on somebodies Great Aunt Sally’s phone going off. And then, she has the nerve to let that thing ring 6 times before finally answering it.

I have not encountered somebody under the age of 25 having a ringtone on in years. I know my phone has never been taken off vibrate or silence and I’ve had it over two years. If you are reading this and your ringer is on, I’m begging you, TURN IT ON VIBRATE (or at least the lowest possible volume level)

P.S.- A cell phone is meant to be used with 1 hand, not 2.

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