Counterpoint: I Am All The Way In On Space Jam 2

Fuck you, GMac.

When you’re wrong, you’re wrong, and I need to say something about it. I am ALL the way in with the new Space Jam moving with Lebron in it. I think from every single perspective it’s an absolute slam dunk (huge pun there, folks.)

Let me get this out of the way first, I am not a Jordan hard-o. I am not in the camp of Jordan being head and shoulders above LeBron, and I’m sure as hell not going to degrade LeBron just because both him and Jordan are great players, and arguably interchangeable at the top of the basketball mountain. With that in mind, I think so much of this isn’t about the ‘loss of a childhood memory’, but rather a persecution of LeBron James for reasons beyond my understanding.

This movie is going to be outstanding. While we can sit and argue the merits of their on-court performances, one thing is abundantly clear: LeBron James is a superior on-screen actor. Sure, it’s a small sample size, but LeBron in Trainwreck was phenomenal. He had great self-awareness and did a nice job of playing up the character he was cast into. He was real and believable as he nickel and dimed his persona on the silver screen (is that still a reference?) Jordan was average at best in Space Jam and was carried by superior performances by cartoons.

Beyond just those two, this movie’s going to be able to do so so so much more. Since Space Jam came out forever ago, the movie game has drastically changed. The new special effects and advancements in CGI are going to hook LeBron up with a much superior cast. You could say it’s a new big three (sound familiar, NBA?) This all sets the stage for a movie that can absolutely outduel the original.

Plus, let’s be real. Jordan was awful at baseball and the whole premise of the movie was all over the map. Luckily when I first watched it I was even dumber than I am now, which is saying a lot, and it made sense to me. Go Monstars in round 1, and viva LeBron in round 2. Fuck you, GMac. I’m ready for cinematography brilliance in Space Jam 2.


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