Anyone know where I can get vats of bleach?

The Jets are a disgrace. The NFL needs to come in and take action to remove the Jets from the league. This fucking team really lost to the god damn Browns. I wish I was in Cleveland near one of those fridges just so I could drink myself into a coma. 635 days since the Browns last victory and that streak came to end last night. I had low expectations going into this game but the Jets went up 14-0 and Tyrod couldn’t hit the side of a barn. They did it again they got my hopes up just to rip all will to live away from me. For the second time in my life this team is responsible for injuring a starter and ushering in the start of hall of fame career. Baker Fucking Mayfield. He comes in and lights a fire under the Browns. Landry was unstoppable Njoku was an animal. Hyde was running like a new man (fuck me right I didn’t start him this week). I looked at my wife (who shockingly enough actually watched the game) and said well the jets lost as soon as baker came in at half time.

I should probably say I was big Baker guy leading up to the draft. His swagger and confidence would have been perfect for New York (Imagine Jamal Adams on the other side of the ball). I didn’t like Sam partly due to my bias because the last USC QB we drafted was Sanchez and look how that turned out. Long story short fuck the jets. Go Browns (as long as the savior baker is starting). Does it count as band wagon if when the other team has a worse history than your current? Either way Fuck it

P.S. Myles Garrett is an absolute Unit

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