I Refuse To Be Lulled Into Believing The Giants Have Changed

I’m not doing this to myself, I’m not going to drink the Kool-Aid. The Giants went out, yesterday, and had a very solid game that displayed good things from each of the three phases of the game. Fuck that. I’m not sold, and refuse to have a false sense of security.

First of all, the Texans have sucked a huge butt so far during this young NFL season. DeShaun Watson is nowhere near the “Michael Jordan of football” that he was before he went down last season. JJ Watt did his absolute best to play spoiler to the Giants first win, showcasing why he is an MVP caliber player when healthy by owning the patchwork O-Line. This was not a statement win, this was just a “let’s see who fucks up last” kind of win. The Texans are a few disastrous games away from cementing themselves in the top 10 of the 2019 draft, no parties should be thrown from getting win numero uno.

More importantly, the Giants did not go out overnight and secretly reload this roster with talent. Many of the glaring issues that put us into the 0-2 hole are still present, and will not go away after a win. The offensive line is absolutely still a gaping problem (unintended pun, but I love it all the same). The defense is still nothing special, and was extremely fortunate to be facing a lesser opponent that is on a cold streak.

My fellow writers on this site are probably going to blow up my spot and tell me to quit bitching, well fuck you too Jets fans we are able to cry about mediocrity also! On the plus side to all of this, the Giants benched Ereck Flowers so I do actually have shreds of hope that the right actions are being taken. There may still be a chance that this season doesn’t become a complete dumpster fire.

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