Hot Take: The Text Break Up Is Totally OK.

I’m an asshole.

I’m well aware of this fact, and honestly, I’m kind of content with it. I don’t expect to change, and I’m fully aware of the repercussions of being this way. I know that this isn’t going to always make things easy, but it does make me self-aware enough to recognize that this is likely my fate. Due to this, it’s probably going to tough for me to maintain normalized human relationships, which means most of them are going to eventually come to an end, for better or worse (better for them, talk about dodging a fucking bullet.) With all that in mind, I’m going to say something controversial. Something that no woman and most men won’t agree with: The text break up is a perfectly acceptable way to end a relationship.

I know, I know, I can expect the mob to consume me at any moment.

Relationships have drastically changed within this generation (or so I’ve been told, truthfully I have absolutely nothing to judge this against since I’m barely an adult.) So much of a normalized relationship now is done through text messages and social media. Most couples go through their entire day sending text messages back and forth to provide their daily communication. I just don’t understand who decided that 99.9% of communication can be done through your thumbs, but the other .1% is completely off limits.

Bad news is bad news. I understand conceptually that there is a better perception surrounding the expectation of this bad news being communicated in person, but truly, there’s no upside in it when it comes to the end of a relationship. The ending of a relationship is all about creating space and pulling away from another person. By putting yourself near them while trying to create distance, all you do is send a mixed message. When you communicate that you want distance in the most distant way, you’re just being consistent and appropriate with your message.

More than anything else though, relationships ending are fucking messy. They’re awkward and terrible, and no one ever knows what’s the right thing to say. Typically someone cries, and I’m too stunted emotionally to deal with that. Hopefully, as you read this you realize this isn’t you, and maybe you can handle things as an adult. If you are like me though, and a child trapped in an adult body, feel free to puss out and text away.



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