My totally biased power rankings week 3

I decided to start a weekly power ranking to give me a reason to write more. Two things going into this you need to be aware of.

1. I don’t care about all about wins and loses, I’m going by how I believe each team did this week.

2. I don’t care about your opinion. If you think I didn’t rank a team high enough start your own damn power ranking

Since that’s out of the way let’s start shall we

32. New York Jets 1-2

They lost to the browns enough said

31. Minnesota Vikings 1-1-1

Kirk played like trash and made me lose in fantasy he should have been lighting it up to a team so terrible a player retired at half time

30. Arizona Cardinals 0-3

Blew a 14-0 lead against Chicago. Bradford is trash

29. Oakland Raiders 0-3

Zero pass rush without Mack. Bet they regret letting Mack go

28. Houston Texans 0-3

Only bright spot was JJ Watt had 3 sacks against the giants but I’m pretty sure I could do that so…

27. Dallas Cowboys 1-2

Did losing Zack Martin hurt the “best offensive line” that much? Dak threw 2 picks vs 1 TD. He’s trash

26. Buffalo Bills 1-2

Yes I know they had an impressive win and i wanted to put them higher but for god sakes it’s the Bills. Props to Josh Allen though he looked pretty decent against a stout D.

25. San Francisco 49ers


They held their own against the chiefs. And by held their own I mean held them to 38 points and only lost by 11. However they lost Jimmy G so there’s that.

24. Indianapolis Colts 1-2

3 weeks in a row this team has had the lead at halftime. 2 times they couldn’t hold onto it. Luck had 4.1 yards per attempt. And they brought Brisset into the game to attempt a Hail Mary, not a good sign for Luck fans.

23. Denver Broncos 2-1

Penalties galore 13 for 120 to be exact. Add that to the fact Keenum has now thrown 5 ints including a late one this week to ensure the loss.

22. New England Patriots 1-2

Yes I said my rankings would heavily involve how the team played this week but this is the exception. This team deserves to be a lot lower. 1 first down conversion with 2 minutes left in the half. As much as I hate Tom Brady he must have had the flu this week.

21. New York Giants 1-2

Yes they won finally. Yes Barkley is averaging 4.8 a carry. Yes Eli went 25-29 and had a passer rating of 132.3. Yes the offensive line is still trash. They let up 4 sacks in this one. If that keeps up Eli won’t finish the season. Tough schedule up ahead playing 4 teams who made the playoffs last season in a row.

20. Seattle Seahawks 1-2

Rus only three for 192 in this one, Or I like to call it Mahomes first quarter. Plus side is he didn’t turn the ball over and was only sacked 2 times compared to the 12 times in the previous 2 weeks

19. Detroit Lions 1-2

They beat the mother fucking Patriots. Held Tom Brady to 1 first down conversion in the first half. Should have ranked them 1 but they are still come on this is still the team that man handled by the jets week 1.

18. Cleveland Browns 1-1-1

I have them ranked High for the sole reason of Baker the touch down maker. If this team keeps the momentum up they can be dangerous.

17. Tennessee Titans 2-1

Yes they beat the Jags but was it a good game? Answer is absolutely not. Winning with only 233 total offensive yards and 9 points is not a good look. Almost looked like they didn’t want to win

16. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-1

Yes they lost to the previously listed team but again it was a terrible game. 232 total yards of offense really Blake, really?

15. Cincinnati Bengals 2-1

Dalton threw 4 picks and A.J. Green left the game with a groin injury. Not a great day for them.

14. San Diego Chargers 1-2

They lost to the Rams but it was a decent game. That Rams Defense is vicious, but Rivers held his own and made some plays. Unlucky schedule forced them to the Chiefs and the Rams this early but schedule softens up a bit for the bolts.

13. Baltimore Ravens 2-1

Not a great team with a far from elite QB but secured the W with a late interception. Luckily in a bad division so they could win it this year.

12. Washington Redskins 2-1

Who knows with this team. Week 1 and 3 this team looked great. Week 2 not so much. But for now the 31-17 win over Green Bay will get them this high

11. Miami Dolphins 3-0

Yes I know they only beat the Raiders but you can’t discredit the undefeated record. That’s all I got

10. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1-1

They overcame FitzMagic and won. Ben completed 21-25 for 273 yards and 3 TDS In the first half. But that’s about it for positives. Bells replacement Connor rushed for a whooping 61 yards and they were penalized 13 times for 155.


9. Green Bay Packers 1-1-1

This one is for my man Clay. Your getting fucked out here my guy. That roughing the passer this week was absolute trash.

8. Philadelphia Eagles 2-1

Wentz returned so that’s a plus. Wasn’t the best game but they were also without their #1 RB and WR so with that considered I have them bonus points

7. Atlanta Falcons 1-2

The Falcons played the Saints this week and Matt Ryan threw 5 Touchdowns (still pissed I played Cousins over Ryan this week). However the defense was atrocious letting up 534 yards. This may be the last week you see them this high.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1

Some of the FitzMagic may have been removed in the loss but he still threw for over 400 yards becoming the first player to do so in 3 consecutive games. Also game extra points because he has a very nice beard

5. Carolina Panthers 2-1

McCaffrey had a solid game. As did Newton. Bonus points for having 4 ints, for my fantasy team.

4. Chicago Bears 2-1

If you told me a last year the Bears would be leading the division I’d think you were on drugs. The addition of Mack has made this Defense one to worry about. If Mack continues to play like this, there is zero doubt he wins DPOY.

3. New Orleans Saints 2-1

Sometimes I wonder if the Saints remember Kamara is a RB the man catches more passes than rush attempts. Drew Brees looked like a young man out there slinging the rock and broke the record for most pass completions in a career. So congrats Brees.

2. Kansas City Chiefs 3-0

Patrick Mahomes is an absolute unit. 13 TDS in 3 games. Kelce, Hunt, and Hill. That’s a pretty good trio to have. Big question is when will this team collapse because let’s be real that’s what Andy Reid teams do.

1. Los Angeles Rams 3-0

This team defines Dominating. The Defense is Scary although I am a little concerned both starting corners went out with injuries and they have a short week. The offense is Disgusting, how do you stop them. Goff will pick your defense apart if you load the box and if you drop back Gurley will gash your defense on the ground. Add in Cooks and Woods and you got some speedy guys who will burn your DB’s.

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