If Luke Voit Isn’t The Yankees’ Firstbaseman Of The Future I Riot


Louis Linwood Voit, in my humble opinion has been the brightest spot of the 2018 season for the New York Yankees. Even though Voit has not been on the team long, joining the Yanks as a small piece in the Chasen Shreve dump on July 27th, his impact has been arguably greater than the numerous other superstars that fill this lineup. Since arriving to the Yankees, Voit has been a rising star while putting up fantastic numbers; 11 homers, 28 RBIs, all while hitting a fantastic .314 average. I say fantastic because this is in comparison to that of the former “future” of the other hot corner, the horror show that is Greg Bird. Bird has been dick-teasing the Yankees, and us fans, since his debut in 2015 by never being healthy enough to put out consistently solid play.

Luke Voit has not only been more a more reliable offensive weapon than Greg Bird, but his defense on the plate is head and shoulders better than his predecessor. Voit’s effort and awareness while manning first is something that Bird never could come close to, as it just seems way more natural for Voit. I understand that the sample size is relatively small, but it seems that this is the first time that first base has not been a question mark since Teixiera was derailed by injuries.

My biggest concern is that Voit gets overlooked going into this off-season as expendable, while the Yankees are presumably going back to the well and gunning for some top names to throw cash at. Sure the idea of guys like Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are extremely enticing, and I do hope that a name like those is secured, but Voit cannot be a casualty in those efforts.

Also, if Voit is brought back and forced to compete with Bird or go into a platoon scenario for the spot I’ll castrate Cashman and Boone with my bare hands.

All Hail King Louis!

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