Fight Week: UFC 229

The biggest fight in UFC history is finally upon us. I say that because this will be the highest grossing PPV in UFC history, where Conor once again breaks his own record. Not only will the UFC be making money on Saturday night, I will as well, more on that later… Lando.

Before Conor and Khabib enter the cage, there are some incredibly talented fighters and fights on this card. I’m going to break em down below, so that you, the viewer, can have something to be prepared for on Saturday night and maybe even impress the people around you watching the fights.


Yana Kunitskaya

This girl is an assassin and this fight will finally be the time that fans can see that. She has one fight in the UFC and it was against Cyborg. Yes, the one that starches bitches. She got TKO’d, BUT she entered the cage with the baddest female fighter EVER to grace the Octagon and she did it without hesitation which a lot of people can’t say (I’m talking to you Amanda Nunes). That fight didn’t show how good Yana actually is, this fight will. Expect a majority of this fight to be on the feet with a potential finish, but I’m going Yana via dominant decision.

Gray Maynard vs Nik Lentz

I’m genuinely only listing this fight because these two are going to beat the hell out of each other. They’re both in their mid to upper 30’s, absolute warriors, and nearing the end of their runs, particularly Maynard. This could be the last go around for Maynard, and I think he takes a loss to end his run. Lentz via decision.

Sergio Pettis

SUPER talented and very young, Sergio is one win away from a potential shot at the Flyweight strap. Or, maybe a fight with Mighty Mouse if the UFC pursues the Dillashaw, Cejudo superfight. This fight against Formiga should challenge him, but his youth and speed should get him through. Sergio via decision.

Sean O’Malley

It’s a shame that this fight fell through because of a tainted supplement but this kid deserves to be included in this. He’s off the card but he is immensely talented, young, and has a very bright future. He’s unorthodox in the cage but he has bricks for hands. Keep your eyes out for “Sugar”, a future title fight with Dillashaw would be a dream once this kid is more well-rounded and experienced.


Michelle Waterson vs Felice Herrig

Two veterans of the UFC female division and two fighters that have never reached championship level in the UFC. The “Karate Hottie” has come a long way since I first saw her on Bully Beatdown years ago and Felice was on a roll before her split loss to Karolina her last fight. Each of these girls are aging in a division that is getting younger and younger and each needs the win. This is gonna be a war, that Herrig wins by decision.

Derrick Lewis vs Alexander Volkov

Derrick Lewis is one of the funniest fighters on the planet and has a top-tier Instagram account. But, the “Black Beast” can sleep absolutely anyone. He’s out to make up for the snooze fest against Ngannou (the biggest win of his career), so expect fireworks in this one. With that said, I will always be rooting for him and I don’t think this fight lasts long…. but that Russian is flying up the ranks with finishes of two very big UFC Heavywights. Volkov, first round KO.

Tony Ferguson vs Anthony Pettis

Ferguson has every right to be upset about being stripped of the Lightweight strap because of injury while Conor keeps the belt to be a boxer. I get it. But, that doesn’t change the fact that this fight could be exceptionally good. Ferguson is one of the pound-for-pound best in the world. His ground game is second to none in the division and his striking is above average. Anthony Pettis was on top of the world as champ and then became complacent and lost everything. He’s since greatly improved his wrestling and his BJJ, but he’s been hopping around weight classes and that’s never good for your psychy. Ferguson is going to be out to prove how good he is and that he should be in the main event for the strap. Ferguson via submission in the first 2 rounds.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor

I am not predicting this fight right now because it deserves its own post, and will rightfully get one. I will however say that myself and a counterpart (Lando) have a friendly wager on this scrap. I will also say that there will be more eyes on this fight than any other fight in UFC history. But stylistically, it’s a nightmare for both fighters involved. I just hope that Khabib can lay off the tiramisu and make it past the scales….

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