I Was Right About The Giants, Yet Again

My last Giants blog expressed my concerns, and was an extremely pessimistic outlook for future games. Well suck my third ball, I was absolutely correct to be so negative. This team didn’t let me down on Sunday, they just made me more confident that I know what I’m talking about.

My fellow Giants fans that asked me about the potential matchup with the Saints can confirm I predicted the outcome of the game. I gave two options to anyone who asked how I felt the game would go; the Saints regain some of their form from last season and end up locking down the Giants puttering offense while putting up a bunch of points, or somehow the Giants shock me and the world and engage in a shootout with the high-powered Saints offense. My gut feeling came to fruition, and made me want to throw my guts up while watching.

The Saints game can be boiled down fairly easily. Pat Shurmur is determined to run the ball with Saquon on 1st and 2nd down, and pray that he can make up for the lack of run-blocking with his special talents. The Saints snuffed that out quite well, overall. The lack of a consistent running game forces the Giants into spread formations on 3rd down with their only chance is throwing intermediate routes to attempt to get a first. The Saints simply brought pressure on 3rd downs, often bringing and extra rusher through the interior gaps, which exposed the Giant offensive line and Eli had no choice but take sacks. Defensively it’s the same narrative for me, this unit just isn’t that talented. The defense did play well in my opinion, but when the offense can’t produce the defense with very little depth was kept out on the field for too long. Much hope is being placed on the possible return of Olivier Vernon next week, but I’m not buying the idea that he will be enough to give DC James Bettcher’s group an edge going forward.

So here we are Giants fans, in football purgatory, unsure of where not only this season but the future is going. In a few more weeks, State Of, will return to flesh out my feelings about the organization and where they stand. Later this week, I’m going to give you my thoughts on the raging debate of whether or not the Giants made a mistake not drafting one of the top QBs in this year’s draft. Until then, drink up Big Blue faithful it’s times like these that God created alcohol for.

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