I am a baseball nut and I like to think that I have an extensive knowledge of how the game is played and what it takes to become a star in the MLB. So, one thing that I really enjoy doing is taking a look at prospects on different teams, whether they’re in the minors or already on the big league club. Obviously, as a Sox fan, I take even more time to look at their farm system than others, but I will always have my eyes peeled on prospects throughout the league that teams value high. Now, I’m not saying I hit home runs all the time with my predictions, but what I am saying is, I hit a fuck load of doubles (prepare for a little horn tooting)

Just some examples of situations I’ve been correct in to give you an idea (and some of these have room to swap of course as most of them are still young. I’m just basing it off where they are now)


I called bust and was right

Gary Sanchez

I called out his laziness and his selfishness in his first month in the Bigs when everyone was losing their minds. 2 years later and I look like a genius as everyone wants him gone in New York.

Yasiel Puig

Okay, don’t get me wrong, Puig is a very solid MLB player but this guy was supposed to be a superstar in the league when he lit the league on fire in his first few months. I called shenanigans because of mechanics and selfishness (which has improved tremendously).

Stephen Strasburg

I always knew those mechanics were going to bite him in the ass. Injuries have impacted him so much that he’s nowhere near as effective, even when healthy. He did however, get PAID.

Of course, there’s others but the list needs to stay shorter for sake of time.


Guys I said would be studs that others overlooked

Aaron Judge

While everybody else was talking about the Sanchise, all I could see was that this 6’7″ Tight End had shortened his swing and I was terrified of the season to come.

Mookie Betts

I’ve followed Mookie since his middle infield days when I knew he was a standout athlete that busted his ass on a day-to-day basis to get better. I had no idea then that he’d be the best RF in the game. But, I knew that he would be a special player no matter where he was.

Trevor Bauer

This kid pitched late in Game 2 of the CWS after pitching 8 innings a few days before to get UCLA to the Finals. I’ll never forget how faded his hat was because he would leave it on the dashboard of his car. He won me over from that moment on. Good thing he has filthy stuff to back me up.

Again, of course there’s others but the list needs to stay short.


Guys I thought would be studs that busted harder than GMac at a brewery

Dustin Ackley

Boy did I love this kid coming out of UNC, then he hit the pros and faded into oblivion. No clue what he’s doing now.

Henry Owens

I genuinely thought this big lefty was the next ace of the Red Sox. He was the reason, Jon Lester leaving didn’t 100% break my heart.

Nolan Arenado

I regret this one so much because he’s become one of my favorites to watch but I thought his swing was WAY too long and he would never be a factor offensively. (I still think if he shortened up his swing, his average goes up 20-30 points)


ANYWHO, now that you’ve read about my ‘expertise’ on the subject, I’ll discuss the man in the title. I’ve picked Luke Voit because he’s the current flavor of the month, especially in the NY-NJ area where I’m from.


So, what are my thoughts on Luke Voit? Meh. He’s not going to knock your socks off, so seriously Yankee fans, don’t get used this homering all the time and dominating thing, but he will be a consistent player once he comes back down to Earth and settles in. I think he’s an ideal 5 hitter in that lineup once Stanton and Judge are fully healthy, it’s just a shame Boone has no idea how to make a lineup.


His approach to the plate has improved MIGHTILY since his time in the minors in St. Louis. He shortened his swing and got rid of a brutal leg kick. I honestly really wish I could find something to dislike about his offensive game because of him being a Yankee but it’s hard to. He’s known to keep the strikeouts to a minimum, which for a guy who can hit for power is rare (I’m chalking up his strikeout numbers this season to lack of big-league experience). He seems to have put on muscle from a few years ago which has only given him even more potential at the plate. BUT, right now he’s benefiting from a lack of scouting reports in the Bigs. Once managers and pitchers know what this kid can and can’t do well at the plate, he’ll hit struggles (pun intended). And the types of struggles that make Yankee fans quit on players.



There isn’t a whole lot to say. He’s a first baseman and only a first baseman. And not an athletic one like Tex was, more of a, I’m only here because I couldn’t DH today first baseman like Jason Giambi. He’s already made a couple of errors in the field, and I’d get used to it. He’s not a very good defensive player.

Actually, that’s a good player comparison. He’s like if Jason Giambi and Mark Teixeira had a solely right-handed baby.


SO, what’s my final verdict?



Because what else can you call him? He’s not going to be a superstar in the league. He will not be, I promise you. And you could never consider him a bust because he was never seen as a high value prospect in the first place. But, can he be a slightly above average player who has a nice stretch of seasons hitting .270 and hitting 25 homers? Sure, but I honestly think that’s his ceiling. The league will catch up to him and he’ll have to adjust. I just hope that the Yankee fans don’t quit on this guy as fast as they fell in love with him.

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