We Are Officially Into The Greatest Time Of The Year

I’m not sure what made me wake up with a positive attitude today, I could be suffering from a dangerous brain tumor that is making me delusional but who’s gonna complain. The psychoticly happy outlook, in my opinion, is due to the beautiful time of the year we find ourselves in. I’m not talking about the stupid pretty leaves, or the basic pumpkin spice that is wafting throughout the nation, I’m talking about the world of sports.

The month of October is heaven for a sports fanatic, like us here at BC. We have the NFL and College Football in full swing, playoff baseball, hockey season about to start up, and basketball right around the corner (though I could honestly care less about the NBA right now). It is truly a perfect storm of sports that gives us something meaningful to watch practically every night!

I may be living my last days on this earth, what with that melon sized tumor pressing on my frontal lobe ready to strike me down at a moment’s notice. Honestly though, I couldn’t ask for a better time to become tree food. All the major sports are raging around me, and I’m actually happy for a few bleak days in this journey we call life.

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