Being the Middleman

I was going to write a really detailed sappy blog yesterday about how Mondays are the worst and how the weather was making me miserable. I’m glad I didn’t. Not because it didn’t have validity, but because it’s the same tired bullshit everyone posts on a Monday. I took a deep breath today and realized it was Tuesday and therefore my Monday crybaby rants will have to wait another 6 days before I can wrestle with posting it again. Instead, I’m going to talk about something that I think everyone can relate to in some capacity or another, so as long as you’ve worked a job before (if you haven’t then start pulling your fucking weight already.)

Being the middleman fucking sucks.

I say that specifically because my job is entirely based on being the go-between. Coordinating between the companies I work with and the company I work for is my exact job description, and it’s fucking awful. Having to deal with both ends of the bullshit without any of the true hardcore answers isn’t fun in the least. It’s compounded and made WAY worse when people clearly don’t give a fuck (even when I can’t blame them for feeling that way.)

I’m not sure if this is something that other people experience at a variety of other workplaces, but so often it just seems like it comes down to effort and accountability, which are two of the fastest fading things I’ve ever seen. It amazes me how quickly people are willing to throw others under the bus to make sure they don’t look bad, even when it’s clear as day it’s on them. Accountability is a tough thing to always have, but things just get so much better when people are willing to admit fault in order to make things better.

The other thing that drives me absolutely insane is when it’s clear as day that people are doing the bare minimum required to remain in a position. I just do not have that gene in my body that allows me to not care about this shit, even when I hate that I do care. I’m willing to bet that this career path isn’t the dream job for many that work at the company, but God damn, just fucking try.

I know this isn’t the typical blog I post that’s riddled with beautifully timed punchlines and snarky references to haphazardly searched Gifs. This one seems a little more nonsensical and rant based, but I needed to find a way to vent this out before I end up murdering half the company*. I’ll be back later with some stupid sports based content.


* I’m not going to actually kill anyone, I don’t want SWAT kicking down my door and scaring my dog. Or worse, Twitter suspending me because I said someone was going to die.

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