NO FREE ADS; But Here’s One Anyway

Listen. I don’t like doing this. I don’t like giving away something for nothing. If it was up to me, I’d try to flip everything in my life for some cash. There’s nothing wrong with chasing a little money to better solidify what you have. I have though reached a breaking point, and I have to pass this along because it’s way too good not to.

Target is KILLING the men’s clothing game.

That was a weird sentence to write, but it’s so fucking true. I can’t believe I’m giving what is essentially a classier Walmart the crown, but I just can’t think of a place that’s doing a better job. Sure, it hurts a little bit of my ego when I can go in there and grab a gallon of milk, a couple sticks of deodorant (hey ladies), and some a dog toy before settling into the Men’s section and getting the next best outfit I’ve ever owned.

In case you haven’t checked it out, Goodfellows is the house brand that Target now uses to sling it’s men’s fashion (along with a few other tags, all of which considerably suck outside of this.) They do simple, straightforward looks that target (how’s that for an unintentional pun) the every day working man. You can get clothes for literally every part of your day without breaking the bank. As a perfect example, I scooped a super comfortable long sleeve T for $8. In 2018 that’s unheard of. I can barely get a cup of bougie coffee in NYC for that price.

Better than just that though, the majority of their dress shirts come in either a standard cut, or a slim cut. Talk about flexibility. As a guy who constantly yo-yos weight like nobodies business, that kind of variety is the key to my self-esteem. Speaking of weight, they’ve even got a big dude’s line (shout out AD and Dickey you fat fucks.)

The morale of this story is simple. You probably dress like shit. Most of us do. If you do, go to Target, get stuff cheap stuff that makes you look good. Hide as much of the ugly as you can (shout out to T and GMac you ugly fucks. Don’t you love when a blog ties everyone in?) Also, Target, hook a man up for some free publicity.


P.S. This entire blog was typed while I’m wearing literally head to toe, only items I purchased at Target. What a fucking sell-out I am.

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