A Fixed Fight to Set Up the Real Fight

Floyd Mayweather recently announced he is coming out of retirement…. again. Only this time, he’s going to step into the MMA world….. in Japan. Floyd has signed on to fight undefeated kickboxing specialist Tenshin Nasukawa, who is a legitimate monster. He was a kickboxing prodigy from a young age and has seen massive success in Japan….. BUT, this fight is about as legitimate as when Floyd fought the Big Show at Wrestlemania.

Here are other things this fight is as fake as:

Pamela Anderson’s chest


Lando telling a girl he loves them

Dickey’s commitment to this blog

AD’s love for his children

GMac’s friends

The fight will take place under Rizin Fighting Federation, which is owned by the same man who owned Pride FC in Japan. Pride was notorious for fixing the outcomes of their fights to give their fans a better show and there has been speculation that Rizin has done the same thing since its inception. Pride was more known for pitting the guys they wanted against weaker opponents to nearly guarantee the result they wanted, therefore building them up for superfights. And for a period of time, it worked, really really well.

All that matters to this owner is the money he can pull in from the fights. And yes, that is a legitimate fight that took place in Rizin. Gabi Garcia, JUICED TO THE GILLS, fighting a former professional wrestler nearing the age of 50. The legitimacy of the fights or the fighters make no difference to this guy. Rizin is like the Wild West…. anything goes. The juice, drugs, scripted outcomes, etc. All that matters is that the fans are entertained. But, to call this a real fight is disrespectful to the sport.

The entire purpose of this fight is to show people that Floyd can compete in an MMA environment so they can sell us McGregor vs Mayweather 2, only under modified MMA rules. And will I watch it? You bet your ass, but that’s besides the point.

Despite my personal feelings on Floyd Mayweather, he is legitimately one of the best boxers of all time and more importantly, he’s a marketing genius. Every decision that Floyd makes, from social media, to appearances, etc. is all planned out for future scenarios. When he shit talks a fighter on social media, it’s to see how much it bites from the community and how a potential fight would sell. He may not be able to read Green Eggs and Ham, but the fucker can sell a fight. This is a genius move on his part to go over seas to an “MMA” company and pay off their fastest rising undefeated star to take a fall and make millions, to in the long run make hundreds of millions. Don’t get me wrong about Rizin, they are probably the largest MMA company in Japan and they do have legitimate fights and legitimate credentials, but some of their fights are shadier than an oak tree, and this fight is the shadiest of them all.

IF, and I mean a MAJOR if, this is a legitimate MMA fight with modified rules that include Nasukawa being able to kick…… Floyd’s head is going to get kicked all the way back to the States. But, that’s another reason exactly why this isn’t a real fight. Floyd and his team are way too smart to let that happen to an unknown name like this and that’s not to knock Nasukawa. But they would save that potential chance for McGregor vs Mayweather 2 so they can set up a trilogy fight after Conor toys around with Mayweather in the second fight. Because, let’s be honest, in an MMA fight, McGregor would have his way with Floyd.

This is no longer about a boxing legacy for Floyd, that legacy is etched in stone already (with crayon and backwards letters). This is about making as much money as physically possible and this “fight” on New Years Eve in Japan is the first step of a three step plan to what I would estimate to be a half billion dollar payout. Well played Mr. Mayweather, well played.

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