Red Dead Redemption 2 Is So Good It Almost Cost Me My Families Love

Now that’s a wordy title. It really does fit the situation, however, as I nearly ruined my entire family life by becoming obsessed with RDR2. It’s so damn good, and I’m so damn clueless, which is a horrifying combination.

Let me take you back… I am the ideal person that they design most video games for. I don’t play a ton, but when I do, I become absolutely consumed by it. I once spent 3 straight weeks playing MLB 2017 The Show when it came out and rationalized not going to the gym in exchange for playing it, by doing push-ups (in my living room) between innings. I just could not separate myself from the game. I wanted my created player to be the best. I wanted him to be in the virtual Hall of Fame. I wanted the AI community to talk about him for years to come.

But then, it all just stopped.

That’s my video game habit. All in, then all out. I played the brand new Show for about 3 weeks, and then one day, without reason, I put it down, and have never touched it since. I have the most addictive gaming habits, which I try to capitalize on before the interest suddenly disappears.

With that said, I take you back to yesterday, in which I was absolutely entrenched in RDR2. I took a personal day from work with the intention of going to the gym, going grocery shopping, taking my dog to get a bath, etc, etc. You know, adult things. What did I actually do though? I sat my ass on the couch for 10+ hours, drank an entire pot of coffee, ate reheated leftovers, and tuned out the world.

After around hour 10, I decided that I should accomplish one of my goals and go to the gym. I was there for about 15 minutes before my cell phone rang. My Dad was on the line asking if I was on my way to meet him. ‘Meet him where?’ I thought until the situation hit me on the head like a hammer. I was supposed to meet my Dad to attend an extended family members wake. The whole reason I took off was to do this. To make sure I was available to accompany him. A video game pulled me so hard out of my life that I forgot that someone had legitimately died.

Luckily, I was able to sprint home, get ready, and make it to the service so I won’t be disowned from my family, despite my best efforts. I may be a complete moron, and have let my mind slip on something incredibly important, but don’t let it distract you from the main point here: RDR2 is reallllllly fucking good.


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