3 blogs in 1 because I’m a lazy piece of shit.

Ok so I’ve really been slacking lately on here so here goes.

Blog #1

Parents at movie theater.

So I took my oldest to the movies today to see the grinch. As we are waiting for the movie to start a group of 8-10 kids walk in with ages ranging what looked to be 6-10 area. I didn’t think anything of it until the parents walk in behind them and were there to fucking party. I mean they had brought a bottle of rum and whiskey. As they were being past around I see each parent pour it into their respective drink cups and I think to myself. That is fucking genius. If your being forced to sit through a kids movie might as well get drunk while doing it. Kudos to you folks I’m jealous. I can’t wait to reach that level of not giving a fuck about what other parents think. Only downside is I will have to find friends to do that with because it would look awfully depressing to be alone getting drunk at the movies.

Blog #2

I’m about to start gambling away my kids future and I’m strangely ok with it.

So my “Friends + G-Mac” and I certainly use that term lightly (seriously fuck that G-Mac guy) always talk about their picks of the week and all the bets they made. I felt left out so I’ve come to conclusion the money I would be putting away for my kids to go to college. And since I have the misfortune of having 2 girls that’s a possibility of having to pay for 2 weddings (Is that even still a thing?). I always tried to be somewhat responsible and put something away for them, but that’s out the window. With my next paycheck the money I’d put into savings is going right into a gambling account. I should have enough in savings to cover my bets that I don’t win for a few months at least. Sorry girls your father is turning into a degenerate scumbag so might as well get use to it.

Blog #3

Tractor supply.

Ok this one is mostly for Lando. Carhartt and C.E Schmidt > Goodfellows. Checked target again today and they didn’t have shit for us husky fellas but tractor supply has everything I need. I assume it’s the same feeling when you walk in there to get a cheap item and an hour later your still there walking around with a cart full of things you don’t need and drop a few hundred. Only difference is tractor supply is for us blue collared working men while those cheap target clothes are made for you borderline women sensitive boys. Don’t @ me (that’s what the young people say right) on this because you know I’m right.

Bonus blog because my legs aren’t numb from sitting on the toilet to long yet.

New Jersey

As I was reading the comments on a blog written by Kmarko from barstool sports about one of our local high schools i realized people who aren’t from NJ just assume it’s all sopranos and jersey shore. No people were called the garden state for a reason. All of my job is in Bergen Hudson and Essex counties so I know the terrible parts of Jersey. I’ve sat in traffic on Rt 17 for an hour to try and go 4 miles. I’ve worked in Hoboken and jersey city where it costs $500 a month to park your car just so you can go to work. I’ve worked in Newark next to the junkies and homeless. As soon as you cross over into Sussex county the air is different. You can breathe easier the air is cleaner. I’m here to learn you people something. Before you ask if I have mob connections or fist bump come visit my area of jersey you’ll be surprised. I now realize this is probably a stupid blog because we aren’t on the level of this thing making it out of Sussex county but I’m not erasing it.

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