Pre-Playoff Power Rankings Part 2

Shall we continue into the playoff section of my Power Ranking breakdown? If you want to head back to the first post, you can do so here.   Washington Redskins Record                                                  7-7 Playoffs!?                                            So, you’re saying there’s a chance Biggest Win                                        Week 3 vs. Packers (31-17) Biggest Loss                                        ¾ of their offense Week 14 vs. Giants … Continue reading Pre-Playoff Power Rankings Part 2

Pre-Playoff Power Rankings Part 1

It is Week 16 of the regular season and the playoffs are right around the corner. So I'm going to take a large chunk of my time to break down all 32 teams in the NFL in a power rankings completely based off of my opinion and research. Note: I based the biggest wins and … Continue reading Pre-Playoff Power Rankings Part 1