UFC 232 Wrap Up

The UFC always stacks a few cards a year to try and get the most money out of them, one in the summer during “International Fight Week” and another on the final fight card of the year(even though neither do nearly the numbers of a McGregor card). What I’m going to do on this Wrap Up post is just that, wrap up UFC 232 by giving my opinions on the bigger fights of the night. Exciting moments, what could be next for the fighter, etc.



Uriah Hall defeated Bevon Lewis via 3rd round KO

This one will be kept short and sweet. Uriah Hall is still one of the most lethal strikers in the entire UFC who has the ability to finish a fight at any moment in time with a multitude of strike combinations. Elbows, Kicks, Knees, Punches, they’re all lethal and they can all put you to sleep. Uriah versus anybody has the ability to be an exciting fight.

Ryan Hall defeated BJ Penn via 2nd round Heel Hook

A couple of things to look at here. First of all, Hall’s Jiu-Jitsu is SO legit. To Imanari Roll a long time BJJ black belt into a heel hook submission is damn near unthinkable. Second…. BJ, please let the game go. You’re an absolute legend in the sport, but the more you hang around, the more that legacy gets easier to forget for fans.


Main Card


Alexander Volkanovski defeated Chad Mendes via 2nd round TKO

This fight was absolutely fantastic and it was one that I had chalked up to Mendes before Volkanovski was able to survive the onslaught and land some absolute bombs. Volkanovski is one tough dude with dynamite in his gloves, but this idea that he could hang with Max Holloway for the belt right now is absurd. Holloway is head and shoulders above him. Maybe Aldo could be the next fight for Volkanovski??

Corey Anderson defeated Ilir Latifi via Unanimous Decision

I guess you could call this the most boring fight on the main card, at least from a casual fan perspective. But, Corey Anderson’s wrestling was more limited in this fight due to the pure power possessed by Latifi, causing Anderson to fight safer. That’s saying something about how dangerous Latifi is considering the fact that Anderson has the most takedowns in Light Heavyweight history in only 13 fights. I’d love to see Anderson get a shot at a top 5 contender, maybe Anthony Smith.

Michael Chiesa defeated Carlos Condit via 2nd round Kimura

Carlos Condit is super high level on the feet but at this point in his career, is no where near as dangerous as he once was. Chiesa was the faster of the two and was eventually able to use his higher level grappling on Condit. His submission victory came via 1 armed Kimura which was tough to look at considering the contortion on Condit’s shoulder. Chiesa at 170 looked dangerous. Give him somebody in the top 5 and let’s see how good he really is at 170.

Amanda Nunes defeated Cris Cyborg via 1st round KO to win the Women’s Featherweight Championship

A few years ago, Travis Browne and Andrei Arlovski had one of the most exciting fights of all time and this fight reminded me of that one, just in much shorter supply and on a much larger stage. These 2 went to the middle of the cage and just started throwing absolute haymakers. Nunes told the world that when she landed, she would be able to knock out Cyborg, and she wasn’t kidding. Cyborg has been considered by many as the greatest female fighter of all time… not anymore. Amanda Nunes knocking out Cyborg has just solidified her as the absolute G.O.A.T in women’s MMA. She owns 2 wins over Valentina who is one of the best fighters in the world right now, she choked out Miesha, knocked out Ronda, and now just knocked out Cyborg. NO other woman in the world boasts that kind of resume. Congratulations Amanda, you absolute monster.

Jon Jones defeated Alexander Gustafsson via 3rd round KO to win the Light Heavyweight Championship

This was the best Jon Jones we’ve ever seen. Somehow, this guy gets better and better each time he gets in the cage, even when it’s after long layoffs because of personal situations. Jones went in there and did everything right. His striking was the best we’ve ever seen it, his ability to use his kicks to keep distance was classic Jon Jones, and his grappling and knees from the clinch helped remind why Jones is as great as he is. This fight and the post fight interview of course sets up the inevitable trilogy fight for Jon and DC. It’s the only fight that really makes sense for Jones right now. With that said, Anthony Smith, I respect you trying to get a fight with Jones during your FS1 interview with him. But, Jones would absolutely starch you. You’re not even remotely on his level. You tapped Volkan in the 3rd and have beat some dinosaurs at 205. You need some bigger wins before Jones would even consider that fight. Until Jones fights again, we can all enjoy just how great he was in this fight. Do all of the coke and drugs that you want Jon, just make it to fight night. You’re the best to ever do it and you have a lot still left in the tank.


P.S.- Damn, will Cormier Jones 3 be a good fight.

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