Appreciate Greatness

With yet another Super Bowl being co-headlined by the New England Patriots, comes all of the complaints from the casual fan and even some from the regular football fan. But, I’m here to tell you, APPRECIATE GREATNESS WHILE IT IS HERE.

As sports fans, hell as everyday human beings, we love to reflect on the history of our world and relish in the legacies of sports teams, presidents, war generals, etc. And yet, in 2019, we can’t just appreciate the most successful sports dynasty over a two decade period in sporting history??? Why can we reflect and speak of the tremendous legacies of other teams and speak of them as the greats of their sports, but can’t appreciate that same greatness as it happens right in front of us?

This is something that has baffled me for years now because somewhere down the line, we’ll look back on the success of the Patriots and tell our children and grandchildren about how dominant that team was. And yet, at this moment, all anybody has to say about them is that they’re tired of seeing those “cheaters” (please stop with that nonsense, they don’t even come close to the most documented cheating cases in sports) in the Super Bowl.

And I get it, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and blah blah blah. But, if you fancy yourself a sports fan and find yourself complaining about once again seeing a Patriots Super Bowl… just sit back and think to yourself for one second about how we, as fans, view the Steel Curtain and the Triplets. The greatest teams over a stretch of time in football history. And they get this mutual respect and a reflection of accomplishment for being so successful. We view them as pure greatness in the history of the sport, but in 2019, we just complain about seeing the same team year after year.

I’m not saying you have to like the Pats or even cheer for them in the game… all I’m saying is to respect what this team has been able to accomplish because no team in sports history has been this successful over a 20 year period. Appreciate the greatness that is front of you, because one day, you’ll wish you had.

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