I’m Back, and I Think I Outdid Myself

Hey Friends.

It’s been too long, and that’s mostly my fault, but I’m perverse enough in my thinking to rationalize how I can blame you for this too. Don’t side-eye me and think that this is all on me. It’s your fault too. Let’s not look too in depth at that though and let’s definitely not get bogged down in the details. The devil’s there, you know.

Anyway, I have a new tale to weave. I think I outdid myself today, which absolutely prompted me to write again (shame for you.) I tell this tale as I sit inside a random Wendy’s adjacent from a semi-major US highway.

Let’s start from the beginning. I work in NYC and live about 45 minutes outside of it. I’m in a sales-type job that requires me to be in NYC and the surrounding metro four or five days a week. Today my day started on the other side of the river in Hoboken. Whenever I start in Hoboken it typically ends up being easier for me to drive and park rather than taking my normal bus route in. I parked there and started up my first meeting. This was followed by a quick trip along the PATH (mass transit into NYC from Jersey for those who don’t know.) I found myself in NYC for the rest of the day bouncing between passive-aggressive emails coming in and completely normalized meetings.

I try very hard to get out of the city before I can get bogged down in normal rush hour traffic so I hustled to catch my bus out of NYC back to my park and ride in Suburbia. I made it just in time and sat down on the bus ready to relax and send emails for the hour ride back to my apartment in Suburbia.

Do you see the problem?

My car is in Hoboken still, in potentially the busiest area of the country during rush hour, while my dumbass is now sitting in a Wendy’s 45 plus minutes away. I may never see it again. Not to mention the astronomical bill coming my way for keeping my car stuffed in a garage all day. I hate myself. I hate my memory (or lack thereof), I hate the people who emailed me today. I hate the people I met with. I hate you for abandoning the blog.

When I realized my fuck-up I couldn’t help but just maniacally laugh, which is incidentally the last thing you want to see while on any form of mass transit in NYC. This is the epitome of the mid-week blues.

Ok. I think I’m done. Anyway, glad to be back (again.) I missed you, and I know you missed me too.

P.S. Try the number six here. Delicious.


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