Being sick sucks

I currently lay here with the screen getting a little blurry and having to constantly backspace to fix my typos, sick as a dog.

And it got me thinking, I really take advantage of feeling healthy when I’m not sick. Every day I bitch and moan about other things that shouldn’t matter until the day I’m sick and can barely breathe, and then all I want is to be a healthy citizen. I pray to the Old Gods and the New (Man, I really can’t wait for Game of Thrones to come back) that I’ll never complain about anything ever again, if I can just feel better…. then, I end up complaining about shit once I feel better. It’s a revolving door of me being a whiny bitch and I wouldn’t change a damn thing, except being sick.

I hope you enjoyed my rambling. If you need me, I’ll be going through tissues and whining about the snow storm that is keeping me from the gallons of Gatorade that I need in my system to improve my life. Enjoy your healthy existences assholes, I mean readers.


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