Why, the AAF, is the hero we deserve, but not the one we need right now…

The world is on the brink of collapse, battle lines have been drawn in the sand and multiple forces are gearing up for war. Fuck you this isn’t a political blog, I’m talking about sports. If you’re like me you are just as devoid of happiness due to our recent loss. The Superbowl has brought the long-dreaded end to our beloved football season. There are those around us who are trying to cheer us up; “Pitchers and catchers are reporting soon!”, “The NBA is heating up, did you see all those deadline deals?!”, “Hey G, I’ve got a line on a sure thing to win the Junior Israeli Backgammon Quarterlies”. Get out of my face and just let me grieve!

I understand that there are plenty of sport options for me to switch over to now that football has wrapped, but are you going to try and convince a heroin junkie that taking a hit of your cousin’s shitty, stale weed is going to hold him over to his next score? Nothing is going to satisfy my needs like the NFL did, the way they made me feel was too magical.

Enter the Alliance of American Football, and the latest in a long line of those attempting to rid us of our football withdrawals. This league is supposedly going to do things right, and it seems they are aiming as being a feeder/second chance league rather than competing against the NFL. The bold move of starting play immediately after the Superbowl is an interesting one, like sliding in the DMs as soon as you see that girl post a selfie with a generic quote about moving on and focusing on themselves. The AAF is looking to capitalize on all of our hurt feelings and slide in as a rebound. There will be a lot of backlash because of this, many will not accept them.

The truth of the matter is this, the AAF is at least trying to console us. Sure they are only after us for their own pleasure, but if we get even a little bit of entertaining football out of it isn’t that worth it? The relationship may not be built on the strongest foundation but if both sides are honest in our intentions I believe it could work. This is what we get for loving football as hard as we do, this league was bound to happen at some point, the least we could do is try to embrace it.

Addendum: I’m already in a betting pool for what team is the first champion. Let’s fucking go, Arizona.

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