The Browns Gon’ Browns

Just when you think that the Cleveland Browns have turned the corner, and are headed towards being somewhat relevant, they go ahead and pull a classic Browns move that leaves everyone’s heads spinning. The Cleveland Browns signed RB Kareem Hunt, who notoriously was jettisoned from the Kansas City Chiefs after video surfaced of him kicking a woman last February, to a one-year deal. Now, folks, I’ve seen some ludicrous shit in my day (watching AD try and raise two little girls is quite possibly one of the craziest things an adult can witness) but this latest shit storm out of the Browns has taken things to a new level for me. There are so many facets to this move that it’s truly hard to wrap one’s head around.

First things first, IN WHAT WORLD WOULD THE BROWNS THINK THAT THEY WOULD NOT BE CRUCIFIED ON ALL FRONTS FOR THIS SIGNING?! I understand that GM John Dorsey has “ties” to Hunt, purely in the fact that he was the GM lucky enough to draft him in the first place, but there is no loyalty in this business especially when it comes to those who are vile enough to beat a woman. Dorsey is purely fabricating a bullshit connection between he and Hunt so that he can justify the signing to the media. They attempted to show their humility during a Monday presser in which Dorsey claims that they are going to make Hunt earn the Browns’ trust, and Hunt apologized in a robot-like manner that would make Kawhi Leonard laugh. This entire facade of rehabilitation for a misrepresented guy is a sham and is tearing down the Cleveland Browns’ dedication towards rebuilding their team and prestige.

In the purely football sense, this signing also makes ZERO FUCKING SENSE. The Browns are the farthest thing from RB-needy. The team snagged workhorse in the making Nick Chubb during the 2018 Draft and still have Duke Johnson taking on a strong dosage of productive touches. The Browns may have some holes to address on their roster but the running back position was most certainly not one of them. So let’s look at this logistically now, Kareem Hunt is a Brown yet is on the Commissioner’s Exempt list and unable to return to team activity until an investigation is completed. This said investigation is widely believed to be nowhere near being done and even if it were resolved in say a month or two, which is being generous in my opinion, then that still doesn’t take into account the punitive measures that the league will be taking. This is a one-year deal, and nowhere have I seen it reported that the deal will only take affect after Hunt’s case has been dealt with by the NFL. Who’s to say that a year from now Hunt’s punishment is still in affect, or that an appeals process isn’t still underway? I truly see no value in this move by Cleveland, this has and will bring nothing but negativity to their organization.

One thought on “The Browns Gon’ Browns

  1. Ya know what I dont like when these domestic violence tapes are shared to prove the shitiness of a NFL woman beater- you can’t hear or see the hours and minutes leading up to the player re-enacting Roadhouse on their side squeeze
    I can’t wait to watch the Browns next season!


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