Okay Manny, Now What Are Your Other Three Wishes?

One of the titan free agents of the MLB off-season finally put pen to paper. Manny Machado decided to take the plunge and cash in with the San Diego Padres. A 10-year, $300 Million contract seems to have done the trick, and wooed one of baseball’s biggest young superstars to find a new home.

Rabid fans all over the internet are declaring Machado a piece of shit who just went chasing the largest check. The simple fact of the matter is Manny did exactly what we all should have known Manny would do. How would anyone expect a guy who came out during the World Series and admitted to not caring about hustle to not be the same guy who would take whatever deal is the biggest? Now, in a previous blog, I mentioned how it was the owners of MLB taking back their league and it was wonderful to see the players not being able to demand such exorbitant contracts. I knew that it was only a matter of time before some team caved and backed up the Brinks truck, I just had no idea it would be someone so trivial as San Diego.

Manny Machado is not some monster that we all need to turn on and bash repeatedly. First of all, Machado would give zero fucks about what the internet says about him. Secondly, the dude did exactly what 97% of all of us would do! Are you trying to tell me that in a sport where contracts are guaranteed you wouldn’t seek every penny that you could get? Now look, I may be on the biased side because I was one of the few Yankees fans who didn’t want Machado. I completely see why Manny made his decision; he doesn’t have to worry about the NY media tearing him apart and all the pressures that would come with being a Yankee, he got the insane pay day that he was looking for, AND he got all of this in a warm climate.

Give the guy credit, where credit is due, for biding his time and getting exactly what he wanted. I’m just glad to not have to deal with his lazy ass in NY.

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