Since When Is Paying For A Tugger Such A Mortal Sin?!

Unbiased opinion here: I’m a Giants fan who has no ill will towards the Patriots. That franchise has gifted me two Superbowls and as a lover of the sport, as a whole, I can’t help but respect Belichick and Brady’s greatness. In no way would I be skewed into believing that Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, is an immoral person. Which leads me to this viewpoint:

Why on God’s green earth are we crucifying this glorious man for fulfilling his needs?! Bobby Kraft just declared his candidacy for Guy’s Guy of the Year. The dude is coming off a heater; not far removed from shoving his fist up Goodell’s clown ass from DeflateGate, getting Meek Mill out of jail, showing off his swag while dancing on stage with rappers he knows nothing about, and winning another Superbowl and cementing his legacy as the greatest owner in the history of football. Does this man then go and take his millions of dollars, and multiple championship trophies, and lock himself away in a Vegas villa with a harem of escorts and copious amounts of blow and Viagra?! NO! He proved his status as a regular, everyday, joe and hit up some second-rate massage parlor to get a good ‘ole fashioned rub-and-tug!

This man needs to be applauded. In a culture of sport, where the superstar figures are put on an idealistic pedestal of utmost masculinity, this dude just put his testicles in the C-gap and declared himself as an Alpha amongst Alphas. Long live Robert Kraft and his reign. Let his example as an everyman, who made it big, carry forth to all of us blue-collar guys out there yearning for that HJ.

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