Yankee Bullpen

From a Red Sox fan, the Yankee bullpen is scary on paper. From a Red Sox fan that analyzes the hell out of baseball, the Yankee bullpen isn’t as scary. Yes, I know, I know. Let me explain.

The 4 guys at the end of the Yankee bullpen are Zach Britton, newly acquired Adam Ottavino, Dellin Betances, and Aroldis Chapman. 2 right handers with big curveballs and 2 hard throwing left handers.

Betances and Ottavino rely heavily on their sweeping secondary pitches, especially in putout situations. And Britton and Chapman rely heavily on their heater from a ¾ arm angle. Britton has a little sinking action to his heater, where Chapman’s is straight as an arrow. None of these things are bad. In fact, these are 4 very good relief pitchers that any team would be happy to have on the back end of their bullpen. BUT, there’s a potential problem. Because of how similar Betances and Ottavino are and how similar Britton and Chapman are, it creates problems when the opposing team sees the pitcher that pitches after the other. For example, if Britton pitches the 8th and Chapman pitches the 9th, it could be big trouble for Chapman in the 9th as the opposing team will have just seen high speed from the same arm angle. Like I said, this COULD cause problems if Boone doesn’t manage the bullpen properly, which he did struggle with in his first year at the helm. Maybe I just look too far into things, or maybe, you don’t look far enough into things.

P.S.- Go Sox!

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