The Return of 2k Football!?

Football fans rejoice. Spring football is in full effect with the Alliance of American Football, but next year, we have the return of the XFL to add even more football to our television screens. The XFL should be a better quality of football than the AAF, backed by bigger budgets and a bigger talent pool due to that bigger budget. But this isn’t about the football being played on the field. This is about the virtual world and the sports gaming community. This is a sign of hope for the football fans who pick up their copy of Madden each year, just to find themselves reflecting on what could have been if the 2k franchise never lost their rights to the NFL. ESPN NFL 2k5, the last of the 2k NFL series, is widely considered the greatest football video game ever produced and you won’t hear much argument from me or many others for that matter.

In 2006, EA bought out the rights to the usage of the teams and stadiums in the NFL. It left 2k with no answer. EA had cornered the market on the virtual football world. 2k attempted to resurrect their football games with unlicensed games, including one featuring NFL legends, but the lack of real teams and current stars were the downfall and it has been over a decade since 2k released a football game.


Times could change by fall of 2020. Keep in mind, this is entirely an idea I’ve created in my head… there is absolutely ZERO evidence behind this game becoming a thing. With that said, hear me out. As I said, the XFL will be re-launching in February of 2020. The XFL is owned by Vince McMahon, who also happens to own the WWE. The WWE and 2k have been partners on WWE’s video game franchise for the better part of a decade. See where this could be connected yet!?!?

I anticipate the XFL will see massive success this time around. The XFL’s biggest problem the first time around was simple… they weren’t football enough for football fans and they weren’t “entertainment” enough for entertainment fans. Vince McMahon knows that, and I think is prepared for it this time. I don’t anticipate The Rock hyping up fans on the jumbotron, or outrageous pyrotechnics, or Jesse Ventura commentating on something he clearly doesn’t know much about. I truly believe they have a plan to make it all about football for the fans. No other BS.

So, IF things go to plan… The XFL will be a huge hit in 2020. In no way will it rival the NFL, but it can do very well as an alternative during the Spring when the NFL is in the off-season. And if this happens, the sports gaming community could be in for a treat. A successful professional football league with REAL teams and REAL stadiums from the XFL present 2k the opportunity to show EA just how much better their football game would be. If you take away anything from this rambling, make sure it’s that in the Fall of 2020, sometime before Christmas… XFL 2k21 will hit shelves, and my happy, rambling ass will be first in line to pick up my copy.

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