NL Central Over/Under

Yes, your degenerative activities can continue and I’m here to help with the proceedings. Because maybe, just maybe, if you listen to me, you’ll win some bucks at the end of the season.

St. Louis Cardinals

The Cards have put it all together. I think they’re one of the best all-around teams in the National League. They’re full of youth after spending the last few years building to get their dynastic tendencies back. AND, they just added arguably the best player in the National League, Paul Goldschmidt. Their bullpen added more key pieces including the monster that is Andrew Miller. Hitting, running, pitching, power, and fielding ability. The Cards are a 5-Tool Baseball team. Watch out for them in 2019.

Betting the Over/Under:  Hammer the OVER 88.5. Not only do they hit the over, they’re also my dark horse to win the NL Pennant this season.

Milwaukee Brewers

I never expected this Brewers team to be that good a season ago and they only got better in the off-season. BUT, I expect some minor retractions from their 96 win 2018 campaign. Despite having a STELLAR offense paced by the defending National League MVP, Christian Yelich… their pitching is going to keep them from being one of the National League’s best and I think they come up short in the division race.

Betting the Over/Under:  Slightly tap the OVER 86.5. The Brew Crew fight for a Wild Card position, but (bonus prediction) come up just short.

Chicago Cubs

The Cubbies have had their longest stretch of success in a long time. But, for some reason, I have a hunch that their playoff string comes to an end in 2019. The fan base was calling for Maddon’s head after their playoff loss a season ago… And why? I have no idea. He’s one of the best managers of his generation, but I have a gut feeling that this season will be Joe’s last in Chicago. I do love me some Javy Baez though.

Betting the Over/Under:  Slightly hammer the UNDER 89.5. I think the Cubs are still a superbly talented team… I just have a hunch this is the year they fall of, and mainly it’s because of the talent in the division. 85 wins sounds like a good number in Northern Chicago.

Cincinnati Reds

This Reds team is MUCH improved from a year ago. They added multiple experienced players, including Sonny Gray (when healthy, he’ll be tremendous in Cincy) in free agency, and Alex Wood, Yasiel Puig, and Matt Kemp in a blockbuster trade with the Dodgers. The mix of experience, led by Joey Votto and the great young talent they have, paced by guys like Nick Senzel and future stud Hunter Greene have the Reds and their fan base excited for the future. And they should be because Cincy is on their way, just not yet.

Betting the Over/Under:  Slightly tap the UNDER 79.5. I think this number is expecting a little more than the Reds are ready to give this early. By 2021 though, this team will own the National League Central and be contenders in the Pennant race.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Ahoy Pittsburgh. More like oy vey Pittsburgh. The offense will be below average in the MLB despite All-Star caliber outfielder’s like Starling Marte (linked in trade talks with the Dodgers) and newcomer Corey Dickerson which keeps them afloat (ahh, Pirate puns) in games. Sadly for them, their pitching staff will be near the bottom of the MLB despite a dynamite Ace the likes of Chris Archer. No treasure to be found for the Pirates in 2019.

Betting the Over/Under:  HAMMER the UNDER 77.5 with Thor’s gigantic hammer. Sorry Pirate fans, but this team might just lose 100 games in 2019.


BONUS GIF: I found this finding the Reds GIF I posted and GOD DAMN… Brandon Phillips was/is one of the best defensive Second Basemen of all time. Sometimes we forget just how great he was.

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