NL West Over/Under

The National League is wrapped up with the boys from out west. A division that has gone through Hollywood for six consecutive years. But, there’s a certain Mile High team that’s ready to power their way to a division title.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers have become the Hollywood Bad Boys of sorts. They have a giant payroll and aren’t afraid to show it by pursuing the league’s star players. They’re coming off back-to-back National League Pennant’s and six consecutive division crowns. They kept the band together this off-season despite letting Machado walk. And what’s scary? People forget just how great Corey Seager is because he was injured last season. This season, he’s going to make sure to remind you of just why the Dodgers had no problem letting Machado walk.

Betting the Over/Under:  Tap the OVER 93.5. The Dodgers win close to 100 games this season. Especially if Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler stay healthy. That’s one scary 1-2 punch of absolute studs.

Colorado Rockies

I’ve been waiting on this team to pick up their production for years. And each year, they’ve managed to get better and better. This season, I expect no different. Their offense, led by the newly extended Nolan Arenado (who is a top 5 player in the entire MLB), consistently scores massive amounts of runs. Despite the loss of DJ Lemahieu, their youth and star power carries their team to a Wild Card birth. But, their pitching is still a few years away, and that means their contention in the National League Pennant race is as well.

Betting the Over/Under:  Hammer the OVER 84.5. The Rockies eclipse 90 wins this season. And maybe, just maybe, conquer LA for the division crown.

San Diego Padres

10 years, 300 million dollars. That’s the deal that this team hopes can put them over the top. And maybe it will, just not with the pitching staff they have at the moment. But, with All Star starters like Hosmer and Machado… and young stud prospects like Tatis and Urias… the Padres are in serious business in the very near future.

Betting the Over/Under:  Hit the OVER 76.5. The Padres finish at least .500 this season, despite their well below average pitching.

San Francisco Giants

Gone are the days of the Giants winning the World Series every even year and the days of 4th and 5th place finishes have arrived. BUT, I think the Giants could be a surprise team in 2019. They’re full of talent in the infield and their starting rotation may be the most underrated in the entire league. Their only bugaboo’s are the lack of experience in the bullpen and the outfield. But, if that puts itself together… the Giants could be an absolute sleeper on the West coast.

Betting the Over/Under:  Hammer the OVER 73.5. This was very close to being a “HAMMER the OVER” because this Giants team could potentially win 90 games. But, in the same token, they could win 75 games. That’s why I settle in the middle. Right around .500 in the Bay.

Arizona Diamondbacks

It’s amazing how different a team can feel after they trade away their franchise player. It was the smart thing to do because they clearly had no plans of resigning “Goldy” when his contract was up. So the wise thing to do is to at least get something back for him. But, the prospects they got in the trade aren’t going to help them this season, or next for that matter. So that makes them a rebuilding team in 2019.

Betting the Over/Under:  Slightly tap the UNDER 73.5. They won’t be much under this, but they’ll still be under 73 wins.




HA HA Manny. You may have gotten paid by San Diego, but we’ll never forget your final moment in Dodger blue.

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