Being fat is in

Since G-Mac decided to come out hiding I guess I will as well. I’ll leave it short until my fingers and what little brain cells I have left wake up. Disappointed that T didn’t write about it but if I learned one thing this weekend (Other then, take a dump before going to brunch for the sake of all other patrons) is being a big guy is in. Case and point, Andy Fucking Diaz. Yeah Anthony Joshua is basically an Adonis chiseled from granite but that doesn’t mean shit when a man, who looks like he just took off his grilling apron and typical New Balance “dad shoes”, takes your 3 belts. Last summer was the year of dad bods so I hearby announce this is the summer of chunk. Andy Diaz, you now rank atop a very prestigious list of professional athletes who break the mold of what it is to be an “athlete”. Butterbean paved the way so you can shine bright, sweet prince. Go have yourself a snickers champ you earned it.

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