State Of:…..Boys Club?

You ever have someone, or something, pop into your thoughts for the first time in a long time and you become fixated on that thought? Maybe it’s that fling you had years ago for a brief, but hot and heavy, few weeks during a summer; or that secret passion you developed for calligraphy that you swore you would stick with forever but fizzled out on a month in. Whatever, or whoever, that thought was completely dominates your thought process for the next few days after sprouting from the dormant idea den deep in your subconscious. You become enamored with it and can’t possibly fathom why you let this idea drift away to the point where you find yourself now, desperately grasping to piece together every good memory you had from the past with this former impactful force in your life. You decide that action needs to be taken and you MUST bring this ideal back into your life at all costs. Well, ladies and gents, this exact scenario I just described has happened to me and you are the thought that I just can’t quit.

Calm down, I’m not in love with you. What I meant by all this is that Boys Club is back! After quite-a-many trials and tribulations; a nasty divorce in which I lost custody of my kids but more importantly got to keep the dog (Daddy loves you Scruffles), a stint in witness protection after an outstanding gambling debt went a little too far and a hypothetical former spouse may or may not have had 3-4 digits mailed to my house by a hypothetical mob-tied bookie, and a long and arduous legal battle with another blog over the rights to the “State Of” blogs. Long story short we are back, baby! (Again calm down, Karen, baby was meant for all the readers not you, I’m NOT in love with you)

To be fair, as of right now I’m the only one back. I would change the name of the blog, but Boy Club came up with way too many weird search results so Boys Club is here to stay!

In all seriousness, looking forward to getting back into writing and hopefully if you find my stuff somewhat humorous or insightful in anyway you share it with a friend or two and we build up a nice little community here.

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