The Sky Is Not Falling

The Yankees have completed their Canadian venture against the Blue Jays, things didn’t necessarily go as planned. Many looked at this 3-game series as a good bounce back opportunity, after missing the chance to sweep the Red Sox at home. There’s uproar around the internet that this is supposedly a turning point, for the worse, in the Yankees season and that we are staring down the barrel of a collapse. Relax. Things are no where near as bad as they seem to many Yanks fans.

Game 1, on Tuesday night, was an oddity. The strike zone was completely erratic, homeplate umpire Ángel Hernández has been ceremoniously roasted for his insane calls. I can sit here, bitch and moan that the bad calls at the plate are what ruined the game for us but that’s childish. Any other pitcher in this rotation and that excuse might play, but Tanaka has been a guy who has been nails in the face of adversity time and time again so there’s no real out on this one. Tanaka got rattled and the game got blown open with a 4-run inning. The Yankees made a valiant effort to try and close the gap to make the comeback, but the bats were just a little too cold in their first night up in the Great North.

Game 2 was pure insanity. A back and forth tilt that saw one too many mistakes from some of our most reliable players. Gio Urshela was human in the field for one of the few times so far this season, while Zack Britton had a lapse in his otherwise extremely solid season so far. A true nail biter because both squads were so unpredictable and the lead changed with the blink of an eye. Ultimately that chunky devil Vlady Jr. showed a glimpse of what all the hype is around him and gave us all a taste of what we have to look forward to with our division in the future.

Thursday is a tricky game to look at. Edwin Jackson has been nothing short of flaming hot garbage all season, so the Yanks tuning him up makes sense. I honestly don’t think it matters what the reason was, a dominant win boosts the team’s confidence regardless of how it came to be.

Overall, I think this was a decent series for the Bombers. On the bright side; Hicks is holding up and finding his groove, Happ is finding a rhythm, Paxton hasn’t landed himself back on the IL, and most importantly Didi is back for Cleveland tonight. This series showed that even though this team has been doing incredibly well with all of their injuries, they are still a team missing a lot of key players. Series’ like this one are bound to happen in a season like this.

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