Looking Forward And Across Town

Another series down, and another series that could have gone a hell of a lot better for the Yankees. I’m nowhere close to hitting the panic button, I’m not even in the same room as it, but there are some things that can cause a little bit of concern. First and foremost, we have to acknowledge that the Cleveland Indians are a good team and came into this series with way more momentum than New York. There are plenty of things to be happy with as we move onto the Subway Series, so let’s take the good with the bad and see what we have.

Friday rolled out Domingo German, and early on it seemed like we might’ve booted whatever slump was looming. Frazier’s bat came back to life, Hicks showed how dangerous he can be when his timing is fully restored at the plate, and Didi looked like he barely missed any time. Things turned around pretty quickly from all that promise. Rookie pitcher Zach Plesac continued his impressive debut in the bigs, this time at the Yanks expense. The bats went ice cold and unfortunately couldn’t spot German anymore than 2 runs in support. Domingo has been placed on the IL, as we all know, and I think this is a preemptive attempt to having Severino 2.0 this season. German is simply burnt out and needs to be reset, something that should have been done with Sevy in 2018 to try and recapture his early season glory. This, in my opinion, is exactly what is happening with German and hopefully it gives him a chance to reset both physically and mentally.

The second game in this series played out in a similar fashion to the first, jump out early and then shit the bed in middle innings that landslide into a loss. My biggest takeaway from the games on Friday and Saturday is that DJ LeMahieu is the lifeblood of this team. The lead off hitting, clutch play machine, ultimate utility infielder, LeMahieu is the catalyst to this offense and certainly asserted himself as a team leader, though new to the pinstripes just this season. When DJ is on, this team fights with every last chance and usually finds a way to win the game. If, by chance, DJ’s bat isn’t on time during a game then you can bet your bottom-dollar-ass the Yankees are probably in the hole.

Case and point, Sunday’s game in which LeMahieu scored one and batted another in…Yanks win. Granted it was an insane back and forth matchup that had some very odd plays towards the end, uncharacteristically bad play from Otto and Kahnle, and yet we still managed to win. I put all the laurels on the head of DJ LeMahieu.

A few other notes to touch on;

– I’m blown away at how Didi looks and how fast he made it back, it is such a boost to this team and his fielding will be back to prime in no time.

– WHAT THE FUCK IS KENDRYS MORALES STILL DOING ON THIS TEAM?! I understood the pickup, sure veteran bat and someone who can spell Voit at 1st. Got it. Did it work out? Noooooooope. Instead of waiving him to make room for Gregorius we send Estrada back down? The dude who has been incredible and consistent and full of potential? Look I understand that this is probably part of a long-con by Cashman to turn Thairo around in a deal for a top arm, but if I have to watch Shrek Morales stare off in a fog as strike 3 goes by him again I’m going to castrate myself with dental floss.

– I’m calling a sweep of the Mets for the Subway Series.

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