See! Things Are Going Swell

judge back

I’ve been a little hung up with moving for the past week, so to all my 7 readers I apologize for the lack of writing. In that time the Yankees have gone through a pretty crazy ride and from where I’m sitting right now I gotta say; things look pretty fucking great. I’ll quickly give my thoughts on the series that we have rolled through since we last spoke, and then give a little spot on where we are heading.

So we didn’t sweep the Mets. The pee-wee team across town decided that they wanted to try and play with the big boys for at least one of the two games in the bass-ackwards Subway Series. Why the Mets series isn’t a full weekend primetime set makes no sense to me. I’m not trying to take a full shit on the Mets and their fans here, but I can only explain this weird 2-and-2 split on the team from Queens shitting their pants too often in the past. No one wants to hang out with the pants-shitter for too long, so the Subway series is now being relegated to early week shenanigans. Thanks to the endless rain in the Tri-state area we were treated to a double-header for the two games. Game 1; Tanaka was solid while Wheeler’s wheels fell off pretty early, the Yank’s bats jumped out early and often while the Mets had a hard time stringing any offense together, David Hale is an extremely unsung hero in this crowded bullpen. Game 2; Paxton was horrific and the Mets showed how scary they can be if their young stars pan out, lack of production from the bullpen is starting to become an issue because of starters not giving enough innings, the top half of the lineup shit the bed in this one. Overall, not what we were all hoping for but definitely could have been worse. My biggest concern after this series was the bullpen being overworked when the starters can’t get it done.

The White Sox series was a blessing and a curse. It SEEMS like the second half of the 4-game set got the Bombers back on track, but the first two games showed some glaring issues that have me a little concerned still. Just like I said after the Mets series, the monster bullpen that should be able to step into any game and lock things down is starting to come back down to Earth. Happ took a huge dump on the mound in the first game and, while turning the game over to the likes of Kahnle and Otto should ensure a victory, the amount of times these horses have been called on lately has limited their effectiveness. Ottavino was not himself and that coupled with Happ’s shitty start we dropped a game that would have been nice to have. Game 2 was more of the same, with a side order of What The Actual Fuck. C.C., as reliable and crafty as he has been in his swan song season completely got shelled in this one. Things didn’t get much better when Cessa came in for relief, but that darkhorse David Hale put in some nice work to close out that game and get us closer to being normal.

After getting embarrassed by the White Sox, something clicked. I like to think that all of the good injury news settled the team down and they realized that the burdens on their shoulders were about to be extremely lightened. Since being demolished Giolito and the White Sox the Yankees have gone on an extremely impressive 6 game winning streak, in those games out-scoring their opponents 43-16. I’m currently writing this while we are giving it to the Astros. Hicks is back and looking like he never skipped a beat. Didi is turning incredible plays in the field and knocking around clutch hits left and right. Giancarlo is now back and looks hungry to contribute. Judge is back tomorrow and we all have a collective raging bonedawg. Brian Cashman, the sly greasy wizard he is, somehow traded for Edwin Encarnacion for literally nothing. We dumped out a young arm, of which we have a solid amount, and agreed to pay a small portion of Encarnacion’s salary…what the fuck. I’ve been on record that I would like to hunt down Cashman and kiss him on the mouth for his incredible wizardry, just in hopes that I could Space Jam some of his luck away from him.

Things are looking pretty great for the Bronx Bombers, and with plenty of potential for it all to get even better. I’m not looking at all of this with rose colored glasses though, I know that there is cause for concern in some areas. The starting rotation still has some glaring needs. The magic production from some of our “unsung” heroes may falter at any second. The injury bug, Zeus forbid, could strike again at anytime. All I’m saying is that the Yankees look to be in solid shape and I’m quite excited to roll forward in what some thought to be an extremely tough stretch.


P.S. if you’re reading this, you like my stuff somewhat. Now that I’m squared away with the living situation and have the time I’ll be way more regular in the writing. And not just Yankees. Cheers.

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