No Brooms For The Old-Timers

old yankThe Bronx Bombers are alive and well, thriving towards the final leg of their home stand. A series against the slumping, yet always dangerous, Houston Astros had me very curious as to whether or not the Yanks’ magic was going to run out. True to form, this team battled in one way or another and was able to come out with a series win.

The opening to the tilt with the Astros saw yet another deployment of a bullpen game, and more importantly another dominant outing from The Phoenix Chad Green. This guy has completely been reinvigorated after an ABYSMAL start to the season. The Yankees have a lot to worry about with their starting rotation but I think part of the answer lies with Green. A legitimate arm needs to be brought in to solidify the rotation, that is plain and clear. Who knows what kind of pitcher Sevy is going to be when he comes back, there’s no chance that C.C.’s legs hold up without another DL stint or two before we hit the post-season, Happ is turning himself into a dumpster fire and can not be relied upon at this point. With all that being said, the performances that Green can turn out for a couple of innings in a bullpen game can be a long-term answer for the rotation. Even with Sevy coming back, and everyone else staying healthy, by regularly using a Green in his new role you create the chance to give the rotation arms a breather if need be.

In this scenario that I’ve cooked up, where Green solidifies himself basically as a 6th starter, the issue does then become the bullpen. As incredible as this group is they are starting to show fatigue because of the lack of depth from their starting comrades. Sure, maybe with gaining help to the rotation the bullpen guys will have an easier load but one could also argue that some of the damage has been done. There is also the fact that guys like Holder and Cessa are still being relied upon which boggles my mind. My point in all of this being, not only should an ace type pitcher be brought in for the starters but that another horse should be brought into the stables for the pen. I’ll be mocked for this take and chastised for the Yankees “buying their championships” but I don’t really give a shit. If this team finds the ability to split assets to bring in a starter and reliever then that should be the plan. Dellin Betances might not be coming back this season, Zack Britton hasn’t found a perfectly consistent groove, and for whatever god damn reason Jonathan Holder is still on the 25-man roster. Another beast to go to in the back-end of a close game would be the best move possible toward ensuring the bullpen as a weapon come October.

In regards to the rest of the Astros series, how much more can you ask for from this team? Yes, a sweep would have been lovely. Yes, roughing up Verlander would have been comforting. Yes, not losing the red-hot Cameron Maybin to a god damn calf strain would have been fucking incredible. For the Yanks to take 3 out of 4 from the World Series contending Astros we have to be happy. I mean every word when I say, this Yankees team is still coming together and hasn’t come close to their true potential for this season. That is a scary thought if I’m any other ball club out there. Let’s go hunting for some Blue Jays and then head off to merry ole London.

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