Week 4 Gambling Predictions

I’m back for another week to help your gambling addiction. And boy scouts honor, I picked the Thursday game before the game started.


Philadelphia Eagles (1-2) @ Green Bay Packers (3-0)
Line: Packers -5.5
Totals: Over 45.5
Winner: Packers

Once again, my point that the Eagles are NOT as good as advertised will come through. Their defensive line has been a disappointment, leading the way to a disappointing start. As for the Packers, I thought it would take awhile for new coach Matt LaFleur and the rest of the team, especially Rodgers, to get into a rhythm together… I was very wrong. The Packers are a good bunch. And they roll on Thursday night.


Cleveland Browns (1-2) @ Baltimore Ravens (2-1)
Line: Browns +7.0
Totals: Over 46.0
Winner: Browns

Divisional games are always dog fights. Especially, in the AFC North. I still feel like the Browns have held back their offense. Eventually everything is going to come together and they’re going to score points. What better week than against division favorite Baltimore? I’m riding with the Dawg Pound this weekend.


New England Patriots (3-0) @ Buffalo Bills (3-0)
Line: Patriots -7.0
Totals: Under 42.5
Winner: Patriots

Once again I say, Divisional games are always dog fights. The AFC East is no different than the AFC North, and the Patriots are looking for a clean sweep of the division in three straight weeks. They’ve handled the first two and I don’t expect much difference despite the game being in Buffalo, and the Bills being 3-0. Take the Pats all around on the road.


Tennessee Titans (1-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (1-2)
Line: Titans +4.0
Totals: Over 45.5
Winner: Titans

All of this talk of dogs with the last two games, lead to taking a dog in Atlanta. Tennessee’s defense leads them, forcing turnovers while Mariota again manages the game on the other side and doesn’t give away the ball. Tennessee wins a tight one, but when you’re a dog, it doesn’t matter how much you win by.


Kansas City Chiefs (3-0) @ Detroit Lions (2-0-1)
Line: Chiefs -6.5
Totals: Over 54.5
Winner: Chiefs

The Chiefs offense is a juggernaut. When you score 33 against the Ravens defense, without your #1 receiver and banged up at running back, your offense is special. The Lions are riding a momentous wave after beating the Eagles, but the Eagles are not the Chiefs. This will be a larger task. I just don’t see the Lions defense slowing down the Chiefs… take KC on the road.


Carolina Panthers (1-2) @ Houston Texans (2-1)
Line: Texans -4.5
Totals: Over 47.0
Winner: Texans

This may be one of the games of the week. But Carolina having a second string QB in will have to show at some point. This week is that point for me. He’ll make some costly mistakes for the Panthers. Take Houston across the board in this one.


Oakland Raiders (1-2) @ Indianapolis Colts (2-1)
Line: Raiders +7.0
Totals: Under 45.0
Winner: Colts

I like the Raiders. I really do. But they’re as consistent as Jon Gruden’s personality. The Colts have proven a lot of people wrong this year and the emergence of Marlon Mack as a legitimate three down back has gone unnoticed. This week the good version of the Raiders shows up, keeps it close, but still lose to the Colts in Indy.


Los Angeles Chargers (1-2) @ Miami Dolphins (0-3)
Line: Chargers -16.0
Totals: Under 44.5
Winner: Chargers

This game is my suicide pool pick of the week. For the second straight week, I’m picking the team playing the Dolphins. And who could blame me? They’re in full rebuild mode and I don’t see any way they slow down the Chargers passing attack. I’m even taking the Chargers to cover the spread in this one.


Washington Redskins (0-3) @ New York Giants (1-2)
Line: Redskins +3.0
Totals: Over 48.5
Winner: Redskins

The Redskins are so much better than their record tells us. And the Giants are riding an emotional high following a win in the big debut of Daniel Jones. But let’s be honest, a couple missed XP’s and a chip shot FG to win the game handed the Giants that win. I think this divisional game ends in the underrated Redskins front 7 getting to Daniel Jones a lot. Take the dog.


Seattle Seahawks (2-1) @ Arizona Cardinals (0-2-1)
Line: Seahawks -4.5
Totals: Under 47.5
Winner: Seahawks

I’ve just realized, I’m taking a lot of favorites this week, and I’m okay with it. Because the Seahawks are a better football team than the Cardinals are. I don’t believe in Murray and I believe in Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson. The Seahawks get the job done on the road. Even if it is a close affair.


Tampa Bay Bucs (1-2) @ Los Angeles Rams (3-0)
Line: Rams -9.5
Totals: Under 50.5
Winner: Rams

This is the easiest under of the week for me. The Rams will limit the Bucs to right around 10 points and score maybe 30 themselves. No chance this game reaches 50. Hammer the under and take the Rams despite the points.


Minnesota Vikings (2-1) @ Chicago Bears (2-1)
Line: Vikings +2.5
Totals: Over 38.0
Winner: Vikings

Would you look at that? I’m taking a dog. I’m taking a dog with a hot offense and the ability to kink the armor of their opponents defense. The Bears offense has been bailed out all season by their defense. This weekend, their defense can only hope to contain the offensive attack in Minnesota. The Vikings get a huge win on the road.


Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) @ Denver Broncos (0-3)
Line: Broncos -3.0
Totals: Over 38.5
Winner: Broncos

I know that Minshew is all the rave right now, but let’s be honest… It’s really tough to go into Denver and get a win. Especially with that offensive line. Chubb and Miller eat up Minshew this weekend and Flacco gets the job done against a Ramseyless Jaguar defense.


Dallas Cowboys (3-0) @ New Orleans Saints (2-1)
Line: Cowboys -3.0
Totals: Over 47.0
Winner: Cowboys

Going into New Orleans is never an easy task. But it becomes easier without Drew Brees under center. And Dallas gets that this weekend. In Prime Time, I expect the Dallas defense to be successful against Bridgewater and Dak and Zeke to roll on offense. Take the Boys under the bright lights on Sunday night.


Cincinnati Bengals (0-3) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (0-3)
Line: Bengals +4.5
Totals: Over 43.5
Winner: Bengals

A divisional dog is my favorite kind to bet on. The Steelers are still favorites despite being 0-3 and down Big Ben. The Bengals get the job done on the ground and on a deep ball or two to John Ross. Pittsburgh goes to 0-4 and rankings will still have them in the top 20.


P.S.- I was never a boy scout.

P.P.S- I still picked the Thursday game before it started.


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