Hey, yeah, I’m back too. You don’t care, I don’t care, let’s just keep it movin’.

I have just witnessed the most obvious case of point shaving in my entire life. A man completely mailing it in and quitting right in front of me. There’s no possible way such little effort could come from someone who is absolutely the top of their field.

No, I’m not talking about the NBA finals. No, I’m not referencing the Memorial Golf Tournament from this last weekend (come the fuck on though, Kaymer.) I’m not even bringing up the weird ass bets that AD places on his children to figure out which one will finish lower in their class rankings (newsflash; they both have half your genes, so it won’t ever be too high.)

I’m talking about God damn Jeopardy James and him just absolutely shit-bagging his last Jeopardy appearance. First and foremost, what the FUCK was that. This dude’s clearly smack dab in the middle of the spectrum and making the absolute most of it by knowing every single Snapple fact out there. Dude’s legitimately changed the fucking game by being aggressive as all hell day in and day out. So who would have ever thought that he’d go like a meek little child into the night by dropping a $1,000 bet on Final Jeopardy? My man, YOU ARE AGGRESSIVE AND HAVE WAGERED THAT ON BULLSHIT DAILY DOUBLES! Come on bro! It’s clear you tanked at the end and closed up shop. I expected way more from you and definitely didn’t expect you to take the coward’s way out.

I can’t fault it too much though. No one likes doing their day job and winning that much turned it into it. As a sports bettor though, James, shave it a little less obvious next time.


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